Question For 4 Carat And Up Folks

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  1. Hi All,

    My engagement ring (an upgrade after many years of marriage) is over 4 carats. It's a round brilliant cut and I'm really enjoying it. I wanted to ask others out there, who have 4 carat or higher engagement rings, how you're enjoying them. Do you wear your ring every day? What about to bed? How much do others like it?
  2. I am not engaged and I don't have one... but I have two friends both with 5 Carats each. One a brilliant and the other emerald.

    The brilliant.. has a high set diamond mount.... so I wouldn't wear it to bed all that often. She's afraid of weakening the prongs and setting.. with her hand under the pillow and such. Always be aware of the prongs.. and it being loose. So, you don't lose your stone.

    Congrats on it.. post a photo for us. :smile:
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ring. I wear it all the time
  4. - i don't have a 4 carat diamond but i do have a large stone. i hope it's OK with the OP that i answer

    - i don't sleep with any jewelry on ever let alone my wedding rings.

    - i get compliments on my ring often. the only down side of having something so large is it gets dirty very quickly and you see the grim and dirt easily.

    - i don't wear my ring everyday and i don't wear it to the gym, but if i am going out i definitely wear it.
  5. Congrats and I can't wait to see pics.
  6. I have a round over 5cts, and wear it all the times.

    Love it !!!
  7. not sure if I can join, mine is a little less than 4crt {will be over when I get a new setting} but I wear mine all day everyday and thoroughly enjoy it. I wear it to the gym, pool, etc. . . I don't sleep in it though.
  8. My pear is 4.12 with .25 carat baguette side stones and I do not take it off. Am I afraid something might happen (hit it wrong, etc.) sure. But it is insured and I always felt that enjoying it was more important than worrying!
  9. i am not a member of this club, but those sound like nice problems to have!
  10. Are you nervous about wearing it to the gym?

    I don't wear my rings to the gym, beach, pool or sleep in it.

  11. no, not at all.
    It has 6 prongs and I'm not unusually clumsy or anything - although I'm thinking of going down to 4 or 5 prongs:thinking:
    I wore it to the beach when we went and even to Italy. . .
    I can't sleep in it though, it's not comfortable.

    All my jewelry goes in one place if I'm not wearing it, I haven't ever lost or damaged a piece.
  12. My center is a 5 ct radiant and I wear it all the time (bed, beach, gym etc) I am so used to wearing it that it bothers me more when I do not have it on
  13. I love seeing your jewelry, very pretty.

  14. The only place I don't wear it is at the beach and at the pool, oh and sleeping. I've hit DH with my ring once and he was pretty cross.
  15. aww, thanks socal!:blush: