Question for 2005 Chocolate bag owners....

  1. Some time ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a gorgeous 2005 Chocolate work bag. The bag was pre-loved and although in all around fabulous condition, the handles were significantly darker than the bag. Initially, I thought they were darkened from use, however, I have since purchased another 2005 Chocolate bag that was only used a few times which is evident in looking at the bags condition. The bag has absolutely no signs of wear, however, the handles are very dark. Not just underneath where you would hold it, but, all the way around which leads me to believe that this is from the dye process and not due to wear. :nogood: Anyway, my question for all of you lucky chocolate 2005 owners.....Do you find that the handles on your bags are much darker than the bag itself? TIA!!
  2. I don't have 05 Chocolate but I do have 06 Truffle and it's the same way. Doesn't bother me just looks like a much richer saturation of color.
  3. I have owned two, sold one, and both are exactly the same. I honestly think it is just the color saturation .....
    I cannot tell the difference in natural light myself, just looks like a gorgeous Chocolate bag :drool:

    Of course, I buy these bags to actually wear and enjoy myself :yes:
  4. Anyone? Surely there are alot of Chocolate bag owners :confused1:
  5. ^^^ nope! there isn't!!

    There are a lot of Anthra owners!! will that do :graucho::graucho:

    J/K..... cracker had one, maybe she can chime in.

    hang in there pursey! Have some popcorn................:popcorn::popcorn:
  6. Alrighty then......:popcorn: You know, ya gotta love a sense of humor! It's people like you that make life a lot more fun and interesting!!! Thanks Lothlorien14, you rock!! :heart: Now, if you would kindly remove the picture of my bag from your Avatar :lol:
  7. ^^ really crack me up!!

    i am waiting for a pic of 'MY' choc 05...........i'll change my avatar then.... be quick with the pics pursey. :nuts::graucho:
  8. ^^^ you girls are too darn funny! everytime i read your posts... esp in Blessings GGH cinnamon day... i just :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. I have a 2005 chocolate Work and my handles are slightly darker than the bag. My bag is a really rich dark brown, so the handles and bag are pretty close in color.
  10. I will have to say NO. The handles should be the same color as the bag if it was brand new and they probably were. A work has no shoulder strap so it has to be carried by the handles. If a City was carried by the handles it doesn't take long for unprotected handles to begin to darken.
    I got a chocolate City a month or so ago and in the pictures that I got it didn't look like the handles were dark, however when I received it they were sticky and dark. It's now at LMB getting the handles cleaned. Mine were much darker on the top which is where the main part of the hand holds the bag. Underneath, where the fingers touch were not as bad.
    I always use LMB handle protector and Apple Guard spray on the handles. I repeat it on the handles at least once a month and all of the handles are like new and surface dirt wipes right off. Even my white that I carried tons this summer is still as white as the bag. I don't carry it by the handles most of the time, I use the strap a lot.
  11. i have a chocolate city, and when i first got it, the handles were the same color as the bag. it wasn't until i used it frequently that they started to darken, but that process took weeks. at one point, i was using the bag everyday and the handles still maintained its color. to be honest, it's a detail that doesn't bother me. i like my bags to be in good condition, which doesn't mean it has to be perfect. however, that's not to say that i would be okay with getting a brand new bag that has some discolorations in it.

    it appears that others' chocolate bbags initially had darker handles too, so perhaps the dye settled into the handles more so than the rest of the bag? :confused1:
  12. Thanks girls for the info.....It may be a combination of color saturation and from use. Either way it doesn't bother me a bit, kind of lends a vintage feel to the bag. Sometimes, the imperfections are what makes my bag so perfect!! I just wondered if others found they had the same issue with the Chocolate bags...Thanks!! :supacool:
  13. ^^^ I completely agree Purse!!!
    I don't want to have to wear white kid gloves just to carry my bags :push:

    Enjoy your new bag!!
  14. ooh, i know i'm a bit late, but i just pulled out my 05 choc first which has only been used a couple of times (if that). The handles do appear a tad darker. But I think its more of an illusion since the leather on the rest of the bag is veiny and the handles aren't.