Question for 04 bag owners!

  1. Hi guys, i have a question for you.. Did any of you buy your 04 bags brand new? First owner never used?

    I am curious as to what these soft mushy wonderful leather bags were like when purchased new. I own one, but mine was loved to death and broken in before i got her, and i always wondered if she had more structure and was stiffer when she was brand spanken new,
    or were these bags always more slouchy and soft.

    thanks so much!!

  2. I bought my pistachio first new, and it was soft and slouchy from the start. I think it is even more so now, but it definitely had great leather when it was new as well.

  3. thanks fasion junky... thats what i thought. its funny that you were the one to answer my question. your wonderful collection is one of the many great collections that inspired me!:heart:

    its funny, i had so many opportunities to buy new bags back in 2001-2004 but i was starting my business with my husband back then, and we sunk all our money into it to get it off the ground.

    now that we have a bit of financial success, i have been trying to find and purchase all the bags that i wanted to buy back then, but the competition is so great on eBay, i keep loosing auctions left and right. and the prices are just getting so high.

    some girls talk about the new bags breaking in really well, and i do believe they will soften and get better with time and use and love, but the 04 bags just had a velvet feel to them that is just not in the newer bags. Sounds like they felt velvety even brand new, so its not a break in issue.

    thanks for answering my question!


    ps.. if you ever loose your mind and feel the need to find new homes for your bags... i would cherish them!!!

  4. I bought mine previously loved so I can't say what it was like new :sad:
  5. I think one of the "signs" of a real balanciaga back then was that it was soft and slouchy and couldn't hold it's shape....probably new it was just a little shinier.
  6. Yeah, while the new leather is nice when it is broken in - I still say the older leather can not compare, there is just SUCH a difference in my experience!

  7. so so true.. just a different experience. thanks to you guys, i am now the owner of 5 bbags... oh good lord....
    and only one, my ink city is the 06 leather. its cool and all, but i just dont get the same thrill when carrying it as i do the others. i guess its cause i am in new york and everyday i see girls with bags. but either new bags, or horrid fakes. i have yet to see a girl with an older bag like a seafoam.. i did see linsey lohan with an 04 rose a couple of weeks ago, but she does not count!! hers are loaner bags!:biggrin:
  8. ^^ opps.. i meant 04 lilac.. linsey had that one when i saw her.. i think thats why those auctions went wild
  9. Toni, I agree - I also have one newer bag (fall '05) and the rest of mine are from 2001-2004, there is just something SO special about those that really make my knees weak!
  10. Oh Lord what I would give to be an 04' owner!
  11. What's the news on that turquoise kimmie?
  12. Give me about 5 min. and I'll let ya know:graucho:
  13. oooooooo good luck!
  14. so i guess that was the purpose of asking the original question of this thread. if i break in a new bag.. really break it in.. it will never really be as soft as an 04 bag, cause what i am learning is that even when brand new, the 04 bags had a certain softness unique to them.
  15. This is very accurate - the main thing I loved when I bought my 2004 bags new back then was the extreme slouch and softness - at that time it was the best way you could tell an authentic one from a fake. BUT, the older ones really didn't have any shine to speak of, even when new - they were truly a matte finish.
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