Question: Extra fees that buyer has to absorb?

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  1. Hi,

    I am new to this forum. Usually I lurk around the premier designer forum, but I have stumble to a bit of problem here. Normally, I am a pretty good ebayer. I will do my research and etc before bidding or selling, but unfortunately yest I bought an item on whim which let me to a bit of glitch.

    The credibility of the seller is in question. I have further communicate with her for more picture (just to let you know that I have already won the listing) and am waiting for her to response. It was after the listing only I did a search on the seller and found out that there are very unfavourable response. But there is a tpf-er that is in contact with the seller ( I think she might have bought something from them) I have contacted the tpf-er to shade some more light whether the seller is legit (Waiting for response).

    Anyway, I was looking at the listing and notice something very strange. I never encounter such thing before. The Seller would like the buyer to pay an extra 7% to cover the 9% ebay fees and 5% paypal fees (apparently we are going with half so to be fair).

    Is that even legit?

    I mean I am a seller myself, I know that when I want to sell an item, there be fees incurring for me to list the item and also when I receive the money. I always thought these fees be absorb by the seller as they are the person who want their item to sell, so by going through ebay they get their item out there .

    So my question is, if the seller is to demand the extra 7% fees must I pay? Or is there are rule on paypal and ebay said that the fees must come out from the seller pocket?

    Sorry for all the confusion!

    Any help you can provide be excellent!!

    Thank you
  2. You should pay the winning bid or BIN amount plus the listed shipping charge if applicable. Nothing more.

    Additonally, one should be satisfied with the seller's history, listing and pics of item before bidding.
  3. What seller is doing is called fee circumvention and it is against eBay policy to do so. Here is the eBay page for the policy:

    You should report seller to eBay (especially if seller writes it so blatantly in the auction!) and if you continue the transaction w/ seller, refuse to pay the fees as it is not buyer's responsibility.

    However I agree with Toni that you should ask all questions/express all concerns before you agree to a purchase.
  4. As the other's have said, you should always make sure you know what you are bidding on, BEFORE you bid. But I think you realize that and made a mistake.

    As for this seller, I would report them. Hopefully that will get the listing cancelled and you can just be done with this all together. Perhaps call ebay to report it. But just make sure you do your research before you bid in the future so you can avoid problems like this.
  5. Thanks for your advice.

    I know I shld have been more careful, but I guess I bidded based on my emotion instead of my head (I am normally very careful).

    So it establish that it is illegal.

    Thats great to know, at least I know what I have to say if the buyer insist on me paying.
  6. You should send that Ebay policies link to your seller and tell her it is against policy to make buyers pay for Ebay and Paypal fees.
  7. There is a seller of Hermes that I know of who has been doing this "add on" for years. I am not sure how she is able to get away with it. I collect H but won't bid on her auctions because of this surcharge.

    Good luck getting this worked out, let us know what happens!

  8. She got away with it for years because no one complained about her practice of adding surcharges.
  9. I know that she has had several knock-down drag-out fights with buyers about this, and I believe she has been reported to eBay a few times. I am under the impression that eBay has done nothing about it - in keeping with their usual practices! (Sorry, I'm a bit cynical about eBay when it comes to policing auctions!)
  10. I think if the seller sells 10K Hermes, the fee would be $300($50 eBay FVF and $250 Paypal fee). For $1000 Hermes, the fee would be $76($50 ebay FVF and $26 PayPal fee)
    She can easily add those anticipated fees to the starting price without asking buyer to share it.
  11. The seller insisted that I pay the extra 7% surcharge.

    She said that because she listed on the auction listing that she is able to get away with it and ebay cannot do anything to her.

    Is that right?
  12. I was under the impression all fees are to be paid by the seller, just like all duty fees are to be paid by the seller.
  13. As far as I know what she says in her listing doesn't matter. Kind of like how if someone says they don't accept returns it means nothing---if a buyer files a claim the seller can be forced to accept a return.

    I'd just log in to pay---I would imagine there isn't a way for her to have this fee added in to the invoice. But double check with others because I don't sell often so I could be wrong.
  14. i dont think they can make you pay,but will probably not sell the item to you if you dont. you can try to report them or just ask to cancel the transaction.
  15. I have double check with the eBay online customer service, and they say I am right, I do not have to pay! I have reported both the item and the member.

    Let see how it goes, I can believe others buyer have gone with the 7% though