Question: Edith satchel colour and leather softness

  1. I was wondering if most colours other than the whiskey in the Edith satchel will be stiff, or not as smooshy as the whiskey?

    I have a whiskey one and it is great, but I might be ordering the messenger one in black and was worried about the leather. The ones I have seen so far look quite stiffer from the pictures!
  2. I have three.... whiskey, black, and white. All three have smooshy leather... they are all amazingly similar.

    I used to own a Jade Edith as well, and that leather was exactly the same as the others... smooshy. I've never had an Edith that was stiff.
  3. Well my fingers are crossed!
  4. I owned an Edith in Roche and still have my Whiskey Edith. The Whiskey has the most amazing leather whereas the Roche was a little bit stiffer. But I have seen many Edith's in stores and the vast majority have great leather :heart: I think it is the same as with Paddy's - some leathers are better than others even if they are from the same season and are the same colour :yes:
  5. I had Maize, Roche and still have my Whiskey.... they were all super smooshy. :smile: The Maize was a "teeny" bit stiffer, but the only reason I knew that was because I had them all laid out and I was fondling them. lol. Can I say fondle? hahaha.