Question: Ebay and Singapore

  1. I am selling a high-end bag on eBay and have received 3 separate email requests from ebayers who have registered eBay accounts in the U.S. in states including Georgia and Washington but yet they are inquiring about shipping to Singapore? Does anyone know why this could be? Should I be wary? Thanks.
  2. Mmm, maybe they created eBay acc when they were studying or working in USA and now move or back to Sin or the opposite?
  3. i agree with lvgodiva
    i've bought bag from a UK registered ebay, but sent the bag from thailand. she's working in UK, but comes home a lot to thailand, so sometimes it's shipped from where she's at the moment.
    some peope are working and living in several countries
  4. I recently sold a bag from someone registered in California, but was actually in Taiwan. She sent me a money order from California, but wanted it shipped to Taiwan. I think that it is a business set up between people in both places. Many people don't trade with certain countries and this is a way to bypass it.

    If you do sell to them please make sure that you have your payment upfront via money order or bank transfer. DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL, you won't be protected. Ship them the item only after payment has cleared your bank.
  5. Thanks everyone. Sabi, thank you so much, I am going to change my listing right now--I had preferred as preferred method!
  6. You won't be protected by Paypal what so ever if you send it to Singapore. The reason this is happening is because eBay will not allow buyers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and anywhere else in Asia (excluding Japan) from buying high end designer items from other countries on eBay.
  7. Sailorgirl, what do you mean your going to change your paypal as preferred?

    I have stated in my auctions that I will only ship to a confirmed address. I also ask all international bidders to contact me prior to bidding. This was I have an out if there is a problem and I don't feel comfortable selling to the winner. In my case with Taiwan, I do not sell to Taiwan and have bidders blocked from countries that I don't sell. So when she bid for the U.S, it was actually dishonest and I was under no obligation to sell to her. If she hadn't sent me a money order I would have not completed the transaction.

    Be clear in your auction about your terms. Hope it works out for you.
  8. Thanks Sabi and Allison. I was typing really fast because I was in a panic to get to Ebay and change my listing. What I meant to say was that I had originally listed paypal as my preferred method of payment but I just changed it. Now I am only accepting money orders and bank transfers. Thank God you warned me--I had no idea! I'm getting tired of selling things on Ebay though --people keep asking me why I'm selling and it's getting annoying! Don't see why I have to justify selling things.
  9. I read on one of the ebay discussion boards that someone just got their ebay account suspended for selling to a buyer in Asia. I didn't know that they were clamping down so hard on this. I thought all the fakes were coming FROM there; what is the reason that we can't sell to them? It seems backwards.
  10. hey allison, is there a official ebay annoucement/notice on this? could you point me to that? thanks!
  11. Hey sailorgirl, i don't think you should take paypal out of your listing bc alot of US buyers want to use paypal. just a suggestion.

    the questions about why you're selling is annoying though. i don't see how that makes a difference! :push:
  12. I live in Hong Kong, but I'm registered over Ebay Philippines. :smile: And if there's no worldwide shipping, I use my sister's address in Oregon for shipping! :smile: Hope this helps!
  13. You are misinformed, miss, where Singapore is concerned. I live in Singapore and wrote to Ebay to ask why some Ebay sellers insist that trade between Singapore and US has been terminated (a preposterous idea if we all only knew the extent of trade bet the two countries IRL) that's why they couldn't accept my bid. The categorical reply from them is that no, trade has not been stopped between the two countries but it is a seller's prerogative to ship only to places where she/he wants to ship to.

    The thing is, some ebay sellers who must have missed a lot of their geography lessons in school think that Singapore is a part of China, and therefore must be fakers' paradise too. Well, Singapore is not in China, DUH! and if only they knew a litte bit about Singapore's tough laws, well, they'll be assured to know that counterfeiters won't and don't thrive here.

    Suffice it to say that after that rejected bid, I've decided not to go the Ebay route evah and just buy my pricey bags from the stores here. (sour-graping woman! :yes: )

    Anyway, here is that response fr Ebay:

    Subject:QID1152 Thank you for contacting eBay Trust and Safety (KMM46485490V70193L0KM)Received:Jan-24-07[​IMG]From:eBay Customer SupportExpires:Mar-25-07Hello,

    Thank you for writing eBay. My name is Aiken and I will be happy to
    assist you.

    Please be assured eBay has not stopped trade between the United States
    and Singapore.

    However, the seller is responsible for determining the shipping and
    handling terms on his or her auctions. It is up to the seller to decide
    if they want to ship their item to Singapore.

    eBay encourages sellers to clearly describe the item and which countries
    they ship to in the listing to avoid possible confusion.

    Before bidding on an auction, please be sure to contact the seller with
    any questions you might have that are not directly answered in the
    auction's description. Understand that, once a bid is placed, the Bidder
    is entering into an agreement with the seller to purchase the item,
    which most often means incurring shipping charges and may also include
    handling fees.

    We appreciate your time.


    eBay Singapore Customer Support