question?? does it matter listing with Auctiva rather than through ebay directly??

  1. hey girls,

    Just had a question...

    If a selling limit is placed on an account by eBay due to listing too many designer items within a short period of time, does it matter if the seller tries to list through Auctiva instead of directly through the "sell item" page..???:idea:

    or will eBay filter the listing out automatically and possibly could lead to a NARU??..

    I read somewhere in this thread a while back that listing through Auctiva helps.. and most of the time prevents listings from being removed by eBay...

    Does anyone know?? help greatly appreciated...:shame::girlsigh:

  2. I think it still does matter since it does have to be checked by ebay. I use auctiva and I sold only one pair of designer shoes once; it didn't show up for a few hours because it was being checked by ebay.
  3. If ebay won't let you, ebay won't let Auctiva either.