Question. Did Prada make this bag?

  1. I was browsing ebay and saw this. I know they make this bag with camel leather accents but this has crocodile accents. The pic may be a fake but I want to know if the authentic of this bag was made.
  2. OK- Prada makes a bag in this style...however I havent seen this trim color before..I would need to see detailed pics before making a call...I have a bag from this collection in a tote...
    This is a really cute bag IRL....comes in white and camel trim too...among many other cute versions....
  3. PS-that Prada tag is a fake hanging off of it though! LOL
  4. I know this pic may be of a fake bag but I just wanted to know if an authentic was ever made with the croc trim.

    This is the only one I've seen of this model.
  5. I think it was made with the croc trim. Pretty sure! What do you think, Jill?
  6. I think I did see the croco in a magazine...
  7. Melisande, can you post the pic if you have it? I want to call and order this bag but don't want to embarrass myself if the bag was never made. KWIM;)
  8. I'll try and find the pic for you, edsbgrl, but can't guarantee it -- not sure if I kept the magazine. Will do my best, though!
  9. Eds, I'm so sorry. I just looked, and I realized that I threw out that whole lot of magazines. I might come across the picture again, though -- I take magazines out from the public library here, back issues. Will let you know.
  10. ^^ Thanks!
  11. They DO make it in croc trim...but diff colors..
  12. ooooo! Do you know if there is a number to call for Prada so I can find out what colors and if it really does come in the dark croc trim? :P
  13. Would someone please look at this EBay listing for a friend?

    Australia site number 251166870930 there is a tag in the bag that says Made in China, I have informed her its fake straight up. Paypal has asked for proof. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joyce
  14. Please go to the Authenticate This... thread