Question-Curious About # Of Bags You Buy

  1. I just joined the PF in December and already I have purchased 13 bags ranging in price from $99 to $1200 on sale!! Even though my husband doesn't pay for this "hobby" of mine, I am beginning to hide them from him. He has become sooo curious as to why I am on the computer all day and night, that he has begun to check history behind me!! Can you believe it? Almost every night, I wake up and come to the office to log onto the PF. This is crazy. I so don't want him to know how bad this has gotten that I go into history and erase my tracks. It's not the money......I spend what I want no different than him. I guess it's that I am spending it all on "purses". Is this a bad thing? What I love about the PF is that you all are as bad if not worse than me. Thus far, I haven't gone over $1200 for a sale bag. That's my limit....I mean it....seriously......God Help ME!!!
  2. Hmmm...I love bags too and Dec-Jan is definitely a GREAT time for bag sales!! But I have to say...are you sure you LOVE all 13 of the bags you bought in the past month? Make sure you're actually in love with the bag...and not just the sale tag on it...KWIM? But if you LOVE them all and money is not an issue, then there's no problem. We all have our own obsessions...I'm sure your husband has one too! :yes:

    Btw, won't your DH just become MORE suspicious if you're deleting the history on him? He might think there's something worse going on than a purse obsession??? :shrugs:
  3. My husband also thinks that I spend a lot of time on this's not that he questions it, but he has mentioned it on occasion, but I just tell him that it's not just's also information about food and lifestyles and entertainment, and health issues, too. But he loves when I do research about the cost of items.
  4. This Forum is a tad bit addictive (sitting here now typing while I should be prepping cases for hearings).

    13? Wow! I thought I was bad with my PF purchases. :wtf:
  5. i feel your pain. just be honest and let your husband see the range of topics this forum has to offer. who knows, he might be fasinated, at least for a minute.
  6. My bf only gets on my case if I specifically *ask* him to, otherwise he doesn't say a word about bags or tPF except to ask what I'm chatting about! But when I tell him that I want to save money, then purchase a purse anyway (ahemthisweekahem), he'll say something. I'm not married though, obviously, so my money is still mine to do with what I want.

    I'd slow down and use all those bags for awhile before buying more, but I know how you feel, in the beginning you feel like you have to buy every bag out there! Survey your wardrobe, see if you really need anymore bags, and then take a hiatus for awhile. You'll feel less guilty and get to enjoy all your new treasures!
  7. I wish I could've been on this forum during work!! It was blocked :sad:

    Anyway, I haven't bought many more since joining.. I think maybe 3.
  8. honestly, if you've purchased 13 bags in the last two months, he may just be concerned - it IS a LITTLE excessive imo and he's probably wondering what happened! that said, i don't think he has a right to go into your history, and neither should you delete it. you should have a completely honest conversation about tpf and what you choose to spend your money on - as long as your spending doesn't impact the family at all, it shouldn't matter. if he doesn't understand that, it's his problem, but you need to also try to understand that men don't understand our obsession with bags....

    and as a divorcee, i must say that honesty and trust in a marriage is so important (as if you didn't know already) and the moment you start hiding things from your life partner, the marriage is at risk and you will feel guilty about it.

    just my .02...but i'm all about complete and total open-ness and honesty in ANY relationship (even virtual :smile:).
  9. I can so relate to this thread! Bagachondriac, we are bag soul twins! (The most I have spent on a single bag so far, though, is $500 - but I can see how easily it could be more.)

    I justify my purchases a similar way. I work hard and make good money. And I am an active buyer and seller on babybags and eBay, so at least I make some of it back.

    My DH knows that I own a lot of bags (mostly diaper bags, but now that my littlest one is 2, I'm branching out--and I have found this place, which is DANGEROUS!), but he has no idea how many I truly have!!

    I feel self-conscious about opening packages in front of him, so I will usually open them when he's not around. I don't deliberately conceal my new bags...but I don't flaunt them in front of him, either. Thus far he has been really supportive - he actually bought me a bunch of storage drawers from Ikea to help organize the bag collection, LOL!

    I agree with the previous poster that honesty is key to a healthy relationship...but a bag addiction is something only *certain* people can understand, so it's a fine line. I don't think DH would be upset AT ALL - but I just don't want him to think I'm completely insane, KWIM?

    Just wanted to chime in. ;)
  10. I only buy one a year.. I don't have the financial means to be buying more than that, since I also enjoy designer clothes and shoes.
  11. :shocked: 13 since December....(shock).....
    I am one for quality over quantity and I spend MY money accordingly.
    I don't have a set # of bags each year. Although I need to enjoy what I have for a while and stop the addiction;)
  12. this forum is addictive! and my bf has told me that i'm on this site too much as well- although he doesn't really care...but, really, this site is just a little guilty pleasure, and it's positive- not like prezhilton's blog or some of those other cleb blogs where people just dish out nasty things about clebs, what they're wearing, whatever. those sites are so negative, or the myspace phenomenom- it's not like you're looking for someone to add you as "their friend".
    and what about him? does he spend all day sunday watching football or anything?
    now 13 bags is a little out of control, come'on admit it, but that's also why so many ladies on this site have the words "i'm on a purse ban until...." so don't worry, just tell yourself you're gonna wait XXX days/weeks/months until your next purchase- and ROCK all those fab bags you got now!!:nuts:
  13. well for you to purchase 13 bags in less than 6 weeks, you really must have liked them... so good for you... hopefully, you will be using them accordingly.. and yeah, this forum is definitely addicting... I, myself, am on a purse-ban right now just coz I had gotten to the more expensive bags in such a short amount of time (Hermes).. when I first joined this forum, I wa so happy to get my Prada and MJ bags.. then I started brancing off to balenciaga, gucci, lv, chanel, and then next thing you know, I am buying Hermes bags... and this was in a span of 8 months.. so that's kinda scary.. I have spent quite a good amount of money and to be honest, I have sold some of my other bags coz I am trying to be a smarter buyer now, less on impulse buying... I have no space on my closet for bags I won't be using so might as well sell them now... anyways, having said all of that, if the bags that you have gotten will be used by you, then by all means, enjoy them.. now, if it's more of an impulse buy, maybe have a friend go with you when you shop.. hehe, like a shopping buddy.. sometimes that helps out... as far as hubby commenting that you spend a good deal of time here, you are so absolutely right, there are tons of topics on this forum so it's not just about bags....... yeah, honesty is the best policy however, I feel that for my purchases, I choose when I want to show it.. but hey, that is just me..
  14. I buy a lot of stuff at certain points in my life and then I got to force myself to stop. My bf also hates to see me buy so much stuff but I think it's better to let him know than to have his mind wondering what I'm up to.
  15. Completely agreed.

    Since joining TPF in October (my # of posts is low because I joined under a different username), I have spent much more time noticing and thinking about bags, but I've only bought one. I've pretty much decided to allow myself 2-3 bags per year. I tend to fall in love with a new bag and will happily use it for months. Then, when I go back to the old bags, I fall in love all over again.