Question - cornflower06 or teal 05 first

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  1. I cannot decide - :confused1:

    I woudl like to buy a first -- which blue is nicer on the first?

    THANKS GUYS :tup:
  2. moving to the main forum :yes:

    BTW: I prefer the Cornflower :heart:
  3. Teal!
  4. Teal! It has much nicer leather than cornflower.
  5. Another vote for TEAL!!!
  6. thanks guys !!!! I think teal may go with more things too? !
  7. Teal!
  8. I prefer the shade of blue on Cornflower over Teal however the leather on 05'Teal blows 06' out of the water...
  9. Teal!
  10. I personally prefer cornflower
  11. i LOVE the 05 teal... it has alot of turquoise qualities but is much more subtle. but cornflower is a great blue as well and a little more neutral... you can't go wrong with either!
  12. teal!!!
  13. Cornflower is a true blue--very 'in the middle' as far as blues. I owned one, and it really is a wonderful color. Teal is beautiful though, and true to the name, it does tend a little bit to the green/turquoise side.
    Early '05 leather is softer than '06, but I've had both, and liked both. I'd go for color!
  14. Teal!
  15. Teal!!!!