Question concerning Special Items on MJ site

  1. Since the search capability is not working- sorry if there is an existing thread on this....

    Other than going to the store (there is no stores near me-I am in Louisiana) how is someone supposed to make a purchase? Can I call the store and have them ship the items? There are a bunch of really cute items for <10.00 that would make adorable gift add ons for bdays, just because, etc. Thanks for any help with this!
  2. They can do a charge send. They charge a flat $20 s&h charge, which I find a little high, esp if you're just getting smaller items.

    At Xmas, I wanted to order 2 of the small quilted clutches for $22 each, but I couldn't see paying almost the same amt for s&h, so I decided against it. If you're getting a bunch of things, however, it should be worth it.
  3. Thanks for letting me know- I think I may do that. I probably have close to 100 worth of stuff. I will call Monday and see what happens
  4. I was just wondering where you saw all these things for <$10? I've never seen any prices on the MJ website.
  5. I just checked the site. If you go in SI and select something it shows the price.

    eta - I was glad someone mentioned earlier in Authenticate This Bag... that some of the items on eBay could be purchased cheaper at MBMJ. I would have paid too much for those objects.
  6. I finally got it to work - I love all those necklaces. I imagine I will be broke by the end of the week considering Chicago's 1st MbyMJ store is opening on Thursday!!!
  7. ^^I am so jealous!!! I wish we would get MbyMJ in the DC area. I would be SO HAPPY. Heck, even boutique store would be awesome!!!
  8. I am glad you were able to find it on the site! I periodically check and a tpf'r once went and got a bunch of stuff for me (super sweet!) But, I love all the totes, jewelry, and key/coin holders as little gifts.
  9. I totally hear you! I was so upset when MbyMJ items went on sale recently and I was nowhere near one. I used to live out in Boston and it was so accessible! Btw, I have one of the dice necklace and it's so cute. The dice spins! :heart:
  10. I like the I Love You necklace and the one with the silver key!!
  11. Seriously, that Boston store was amazing. I wish they had one in DC! I was talking to the SAs about that, and they said that a LOT of DCers come into the Boston store asking about a store in the DC area. There's definitely a demand out here!
  12. THIRD that!!!! Uuuuuh I'd be in there so fast!!!:nuts:
  13. holy geezz... those where the two that i love toooo!!!! im going to go get it..when i go to NY.