Question Concerning Epi Speedy 25

  1. Hello all,
    I have a question concerning the price of the Epi Speedy 25. On they have listed the price of the 30 at $935. So I'm guessing that the 25 is around 800 something. What is the exact price? Also, would it be possible to special order the bag in a different color? Blue, or green I think would be beutiful! Or has that been discontinued? And, if that is possilbe how much would it raise the price?

    Sorry for all the questions! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I don;t know if you can SO something that discontinued. Retail for epi speedy 25 $885
  3. toledo blue and green are dicontinued but you can get myrtille blue..
  4. Thanks... now I just need to start saving up!