Question concerning chanel earrings

  1. My SA called me today to let me know that the crystal stud cc earrings came in and are on hold for me. Can anyone give me their opinion about these earrings. Should I get them or save my money and put it towards a purse?:shrugs:
  2. I think they're cute, but I also remember them as small. So if you like a small sparkly earring get it...unless you were trying to save for a particular bag.

    I love Chanel earrings.........can't get enough of them!!!! :love:
  3. I have a pair and if it's the same one's you are looking at, they are not that small. I think they are a great starter pair and not a huge investment.
  4. I'm getting exited, :yahoo: I think I will take a little trip down to chanel and get them before they are gone.
    Thanks for the help.
  5. Barb, they are really beautiful, and NOT that small at all...........................
  6. Chanel earrings are really pretty!! really! i've seen LV earrings and all but it's incomparable to Chanel's. you should really get it! =)
  7. I have them too...I would reccomend that you get them!
  8. I also have them..and while I rarely wear them, I think they're adorable. I'd get them.
  9. Congrats! Yes get them! They are really cute!
  10. I have those too and I love them! I believe there are two sizes, there's a small one and a larger size one. Both are beautiful!