Question: Color for the my First Spy Bag

  1. Hi Girls,

    Please give me some opinion for the color of my fisrt Spy Bag. I am trying to decide between a "black" or a "honey" color spy bag. Please let me know which one you think would be better ?

    Thank you!

    T :heart:
  2. hello.. i am having the same issue im looking to buy my first spy.. but i thik honey is th best colour the way the two tone colour comes out on the knots on the handles is awesome! :yahoo:
    where u planning to get yours from..
    here in uk its for 1150 pounds..

    do tell! and have fun:smile:
  3. I vote Honey also:p
  4. I vote for black...but I think it depends on your wardrobe...
    If you have a lot of outfit matching with honey it could be better to start with it since it's a great color for spring/summer ;)
  5. I love my chocolate. Depending on what you're wearing, it can really being out the dark tones or the brown tones in it. It coordinates well for me :yes:
  6. I would get the Honey or the new Blueberry
  7. Honey
  8. I would get black! It goes with everything (think shoes especially)! The honey one is really nice because I think the bumpy leather is more visible but personally I would get more use out of the black.
  9. Girls~ thank you so much for your inputs !
    I am getting my spy from Saks with 10% discount (with their new mastercard). I haven't received them yet. I can't wait to see how they look like and decide on which one to keep!

    Thank you!
  10. I think the black is great but IMO it can get a little boring.... My first spy was a black one, i just got a blueberry and i'm loving it!!

    I guess it just depends on you, do you wear lots of bright colours? Because if you wear bright colours then i would get the black. If you wear alot of neutral then go the honey. The honey has really great contrasting on all the woven bits!! It looks great!

    I would choose the honey. :heart:

    Let us know what you decide
  11. Honey.

    It's like the classic British Tan bag that goes with everything.
  12. I should be getting both of them this coming Friday, I will let everyone know which I one choose. I am looking for one that would last longer :smile: , since Spy is kind of pricy for me.

  13. watch out--you will want to keep both!

    I guess the black is going to be a little bit more durable just because you don't have to worry about water spots, pen marks, etc, getting on it. But the honey does really showcase the beauty of the spy bag. Personally, black was my first. I got it used and it is still in beautiful condition. I want my honey to be a wisteria (someday!). They are both great colors, so I don't think you can go wrong!
  14. My first spy was black. But, I just wanted a practical color. I'll tell ya something else, it's the last black bag I'll ever buy. One simple, black bag is enough for me. Gimme color! On that note, the honey spy is gorgeous! Wanna stop traffic! I'd go with the honey. Not to take away from the black though...
  15. Personally, I love handbags in various color ....I love White especially, but the recent color-transferred to my Ivory Chanel, and Pale Pink BV have stopped me from wanting to get more light color handbag ..that's why I i am looking for one that would last longer ..seeing those pricy handbags got ruined really hurts .. :ninja: