Question.. Cleaning Tokidoki bag

  1. Any suggestions on cleaning a Tokidoki.. I got coffee all over my Citta, and urmm, I don't think i should dump it in the laundry machine..
  2. nice thanks for all the links
  3. I spray 409 on a cotton pad and wipe off the stain undiluted. Repeat wiping until gone, then spot-rinse with water.

    Works fine for all my nylon bags, removes the toughest stains.
  4. i love using the TIDE PEN! works greaT!
  5. What do you clean the leather part with? a louisvuittion leather cleaner?
  6. Any leather cleaner will clean leather, no need to be LV :p

  7. what's 409?:confused1:
  8. 409 is a brand of multipurpose household detergeant, usually in spray form. You can get it at any supermarket. It's gentle on fabrics and will remove stains effectively. Just remember to spot-rinse the bag after cleaning.