question- cerise speedy

  1. i have to ask... does the speeds only come in the 25? did it never come in a 30?
  2. Only 25:yes:
  3. Only 25, never 30.
  4. how come? does anyone know the reason behind it?
  5. Since it was a limited edition, I am assuming that only a select variety of bagas were offered in the cerise line. It might have to do with the cost of producing a limited edition line. Just my educated guess.
  6. Maybe they thought the cherries would be too much on a 30?
  7. Yea, cerises only comes in 25.

    Well, during the graffiti line, only speedy 30 was produced, same as in the perfo and MC line. I guess, they only select a few designs to produce it in. I think the cerises will look much cuter in size 25 anyway. :P
  8. a speedy 30 would be cherry overhaul...unless they just added the dual cherry decal on the front corner :drool:
  9. i really want a cerise peive....
  10. contact this poster with services or other comme interests
  11. sorry i tried to send the pics through pasting it. ok here is description of the bag. It looks like the multicolor speedy 30 but in cerise line? Is it fake ?
  12. the cerises speedy came in the 25 and the 45 only.
  13. awesome Thanks:smile:
  14. do you guys know where can i get one now?
  15. your best bet would be eBay, bonanzle or consignment stores.
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