Question CB Papillon Cherry Flowers Alignment

  1. I'm just curious to know. Is the pattern of the cherry flowers on the CB Pink papillon all the same? I'm trying to find out if the cherry flowers (not sure if that's how you call it) should be on the same alignment and location as other purses, and do purses have to have certain amount of cherry flowers? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi - The flowers are aligned differently on all the CB bags and the really "coveted" ones have a lot of flowers. The thing you need to look at for authenticity is the "LV" alignment and some other features such as six point screws and the trademark stamping on the key cover. Good luck with your search, CB is adorable!
  3. From my knowledge, no 2 CB items have the same alignment:

    Also what to look for when identifying a fake: date code/trademark heat stamp fonts, date code location, look/color of the leather, handle length, CB faces, clochette length, interior, and shape of bag. ;)
  4. Thank you for the advice, Chicaboo and John 5!
  5. CB placement was a huge factor for me when I bought my CB pap & cles. I wanted a lot, and for them to be equally spread out. If you look at the ones on eBay, you'll see there are a variety of patterns.
  6. Yeah, they're all different. Some barely have any CBs and some have a LOT. But finding two that are exactly the same is a giveaway that the piece is fake.
  7. Thanks stefania and lvbabydoll!
  8. I noticed a lot of CB pochettes (brown/pink) on eBay with the exact same alignment. I wonder if they were really good fakes as the mentioned authenticity signs were there (I own two CB items). Weird. But I think they should all be different, like everybody said.
  9. Yep, like snowflakes no two alike :smile: