question:: Canvas m by mj tote

  1. are the M by MJ canvas totes available only in black and navy blue at the boutiques, or do they have the other colors available as well (gray, turquoise, yellow, etc.)???

    and if the other colors aren't available at the boutiques, i would need to order by phone, right?

    if anyone lives in NYC and has been to the marc jacobs store recently, please tell me what colors you saw available! i'm making a trip to NYC in a few weeks, so hopefully i'll be able to buy the totes at the store directly instead of paying the ridiculous $20 shipping to order on the phone.

    TIA! :heart:
  2. a friend of mine was in ny last week and brought me a grey one.
  3. aside from the original jacobs my marc jacobs tote, which came in black and navy, they just released a smaller version in red, yellow, bright blue, white, green, and gray. the new ones have white contrast stitching on them (aside from the white ones, of course) and have been wrinkled for a distressed look, i suppose. hth!
  4. hello. do you know the retail price for the original (larger) one and the smaller ones just released? it's not available here and i have to seek eBay, which price ranges from $20-$50.. thanks
  5. The original one is $14 (i think) and the smaller ones are at $12 (its says that on the website)
  6. if anyone has one of the totes, please model it! I would love to see it modeled, if it's no trouble.
  7. I got my white font on black Marc by Marc Jacobs canvas tote from eBay. It's actually a bit smaller than I thought it would be.

    I don't suggest buying the larger white "Los Angeles" or "Savannah" shopping tote, the one that's more rectangular. It's a lot bigger, but it's not very sturdy at all.
  8. ^ oh, thanks for the info. I was interested in the "paradise" tote, but i guess that's a bad idea.
  9. I've seen most of them. The black and navy ones are the old ones, it's bigger and more "structured". The colored ones are smaller (maybe 20-30% smaller), but comes in a alot of color, I think the red one is really nice. I've seen yellow, pink, and others, forgot already. Teal?

    They are all $12 at my store, big or small.

  10. I use my black Marc by Marc Jacobs tote. It's about medium size. I wished it was a little bigger, but it holds my school books well. It's the one that says "Marc by Marc Jacobs" like 6 times on it lol. It's very sturdy though, compared to the white canvas tote I bought which is so flimsy and doesn't even hold shape.
  11. I was just at the store this Sunday and they have colors there. It is actually very hard to get the black one nowadays-hubby got me one last week-but, he waited outside for the store to open at noon and hwne he got inside-there were only 3 left and he grabbed 1 and the two ladies behind him grabbed the other 2.
  12. i bought a black one a few weeks ago to use for school... I'm so excited. I can't wait to use it. :smile:
  13. i bought a black one a few weeks ago to use for school... I'm so excited. I can't wait to use it
    I'm going back to the store later this week to get some more goodies...:wlae:
  14. Its a hit and miss thing. They have different totes every few days. I saw something and wanted to go back and get it (2 days later) and it was all gone but saw some new stuff instead.