Question: Can you fit papillon 30 over shoulder Or other possibilities?

Jun 8, 2006
I have been wondering about this. Can you actually put the strap of the 30 on your shoulder? If this has been discussed previously, let me know. Thanks. I have 4 Speedys, two pochettes and a Keepall. The 26 was too small for me, so I sold it. Looking for an alternative before I set a very looooooong bag ban into effect. We are talking years, here. But then again, I have also given thought to other bags with a strap. I do attach a shoulder strap to the pochettes (occasionally to my Speedy, but I think I want something different. Any fresh ideas?

there's indeed some wonderful thread regarding pap over shoulder on this board, just serach this board and you will find tons of visual aid and pix. i recall one TPF use her pap as backpack and still looks cute, but not sure how i would like things being shift around the pap.....i only have one pap 26 in gold miroir, and i carry it on my arm, not on shoulder b/c i have narrow shoulders :'(
I can barely fit both straps of the papillon on my shoulder and one strap kinda falls off (I'm 5'5 a size 8)...but the SA showed me a neat trick to make it a shoulder loop one strap around the other and then use one strap to hang on your shoulder. It works beautifully and it looks good!
I can fit it on my shoulder but I am sure glad that the canvas is soft as it kind of smooshes against my body - if it was structured, I would never be able to get it on the shoulder.
i can fit one strap of the pap on my shoulders, the other one falls off at time but sometimes its ok. but since my pap is the marshmallow vernis, i feel that i'm kinda crushing the bag since that bag is so stiff. i'd rather put it in my arms unless i'm so tired, i put it on my shoulders