QUESTION....Can lowlights be lightened without damage?

  1. Last 3 times i highlighted my hair...i lost ALLLL my natural brunette color(even though i SPECIFICALLY ASKED NOT TO).I turned a very BIMBO blonde...LMAO..seriously,it was VERY blonde.
    So i went to the owner of my salon and asked for a FEW LOWLIGHTS.
    the result?????
    my hair is mainly BROWN on top now,LMAO....blonde underneath though.

    SHe added WAYYYYY too many lowlights.I DO like the depth it gves me but i wish i could get rid of some of the darkness.My hair already has damage.straightener and color HOW can i get some of these lowlights OUT without DAMAGING my hair?I dont think its possible?I seriously washed the crap out of my hair..LOL...hoping the color would lessen?DEFINATELY not wearing a hat in the sun either..hehe.
    Im glad i got lowlights really needed it.....i just dont want THIS MANY....hehe
    ANy help appreciated.

    ALMOST brunette again in NJ..LOL
  2. I always my colourist to try and keep some streaks of my natural brunette colour when doing my highlights. After a few trips to the salon, they start to disappear, don't they? We get too much of one shade of blonde.

    Every few trips she puts in some low lights, but some times work out better than others. This last time I went, she added brown streaks (low lights) but I'm not loving it. Don't' know why.

    I think you can go back in a week or two and ask to lighten some of the low lights, they don't have to use the strong stuff to lighten it. I would stop overly washing my hair and let her do it.
  3. Yah, if it's already damaged, I'd give it some time to mend before you try to adjust it again...
  4. If you tell the stylist to use a 10 developer instead of a twenty, the color will fade and you won't get roots and the high or low lights will be more subtle over repeated dying.
  5. Man, I'm so sorry. You always have the most trouble with your hair.
  6. I don't know, but good luck with this. As a brunette I always get light brown highlights instead of blonde highlights. It gives my hair a nice honey, carmel color and lets me stay a brunette and not be too blonde.
  7. Jill- idk what kind of dye they used (it was probably perm.) but there's a product you can get at Sallys called Clairol Metalex. It looks like shampoo, but I think they call it a conditioner? It's oil-based, doesn't contain anything harsh or damaging, and it can remove semi-perm color. You can either put it directly on your hair for 20-30 mins and rinse it out, or mix into your shampoo, or mix it with cream developer to lift the color out. It tells you on the bottle how to do it.