Question: Can I carry ciao ciao for both sides?

  1. I don't know can I flap the other side for ciao ciao? I have not carried my ciao ciao yet. I have 4 ciao ciaos now. I don't have any problems on pardiso and LAmore prints. Since they are so small characters.

    But for spiaggia and pirata, I have the pirata girls and hawaii woman's heads got cut on the outside prints. I just want to flap the other side to show the non heads-cutting to the front. Is that OK for normal wearing for ciao ciao?

    I am kind of regretful for the print placements. Can someone tell me, if not OK. I might just send them back lol.

    Thanks for your inputs.:yes:
  2. My sister uses her ciao ciao the opposite way b/c she likes the print on the back better, so she flips it over and technically wears it backwards. Although only a toki lover can tell it's backwards. As long as it doesn't bother you, I say go for it!! Flip it around and wear it! ;)
  3. i wear mine fully open i dont like the flap thing
    i dont want characters upside down
    i prefer to wear it with the long zipper facing out
    but i have an adios star that i wear it with the short zipper facing out because thats where my favorite characters are so
    i think it depends on how you want it
  4. Thanks TokiliciousJenY & tokidokigurl

    I am much relieved now, as you both said I can wear whatever I LIKE, right?
  5. I have 2 ciao ciaos -- and wear it either way. Whatever characters I feel like showing off that day.
  6. i could never wear it completely open! its HUGE!
  7. hmm idk i use both sides? :biggrin:
  8. It really doesn't matter how you wear it, as long as you look good!
  9. i have one and i wear it depending on my mood, sometimes i like one side more than the other, i don't think anyone will really say anything about it.
  10. I wear my ciao ciao with the flap facing me and the large zip pocket to the outside because i like the easier access to the pocket. That's where I put my keys and phone. I didn't like having to lift the flap everytime I wanted to get into the outside zip pocket.
    I say wear it any way you want, it'll be fine!:tup:
  11. I wear my ciao ciao both ways.
  12. I have a Ciao Ciao, and I wear it anyway that's conveinent for me that day. I don't see it as "backwards". :biggrin: Hope that helped!