Question Burberry Headband

  1. Hi, I like in Canada.
    I was wondering if anyone has purchased a Burberry Nova Check Thick/Think Headband from Holt Renfrew and how much it was, because I called them today and they are out of stock and she said it retails for 180+CDN.
    I have seem people say they got it for 100+ with taxes, anyone have any idea?



  2. Have you tried their online site? For American dollars, their headbands run $85 and up. THey have some plain quilted headbands on sale for $59.00. I just bought two shimmercheck headbands, but they do not have them on their site. I would check to see about pricings and if they have them for Canada. Go under the heading of rest of the world on their site and check to see if they ship to Canada.
  3. Thank you for replying!
    I will definately check it out. ;)
  4. Hey JT, does not ship to canada :sad: I was just at Holts on Bloor this sunday and they have a whole bunch of Burberry headbands but none of them were on sale :sad: i'm not to sure if i saw the one that you're looking for, good luck with the hunt!
  5. hey JT,
    burberry doesn't ship.. but I went to Holt's yesterday and they have a lot there: thick ones, thin ones. Anyways, the point is, Burberry almost NEVER, of all my years shopping there, goes on sale. I guess in a way, they want their brand to stay exclusive; buy it or not, they don't care.

    Sorry, I digress. The thick classic nova-check headbands are $95 and the thinner one is $85 at Holt's.
    Good luck shopping!! I bought one the thin one yesterday and absolutely adore it!!! :heart:

    P.S IT IS IN STOCK NOW..the yonge/bloor Holt's has the most!
  6. I got one a few weeks ago at the outlet at the state line between CA/NV. I paid only $19 for it. I love it but to be honest about about 30 minutes it gives me a headache
  7. this probably won't help you, but maybe you can call a burberry store? it's on sale at burberry for $49. i was able to get it for extra 25% off that.

    i know the short hills, nj burberry had a lot. i don't think anyone is buying them bc of the price.