question bout monogram papillon 30

  1. hi, does anyone know that when you buy the monogram papillon, do you get the papillon in a dustbag or in a box? thx
  2. help plz
  3. It should be in the dustbag along with the box.

  4. When I bought my MC Ursula it wasn't put in a box only a dustbag. :tdown:

    However, when I bought a Mono Speedy 25 for my niece they put it in a box.

    So I'm assuming it depends on the SA at the Boutique.

    If you really want one just ask them to include one and they will give you one. :yes:
  5. really? i bought my speedy 30, they didn't give me box tho...>.< i guess it depends on the sales? do we need to pay for the box? or it's free upon request? thx
  6. It's free, you asked for the box and the SA will give you one free of charge.
  7. My papillion 30 came in a dustbag as well as a box.
  8. My mom has the damier 30. The bag was in a dustbag in a box.
  9. I think it's very much dependant on the store you go to. Apparently the ones in Castlereagh st in Sydney always gives you the box, but I've read that the smaller boutiques in USA don't always give boxes.

    All bags should have the Dustbag at least. My box was too big for my Pap 26 anyways!
  10. When I got my papillon 30, I had to ask for the box b/c the SA just put it in a bag. All LV bags come with a dustbag.