Question- Beauty Product Mistakes

  1. What do you guys do with beauty products that you thought were a good idea at the time but when you got home had buyer's remorse? How many of you return the product, trash it, or just let it sit in your makeup drawer?
  2. Send it to my ever grateful sister
  3. OMG, I probably have billions of dollars worth of products that flopped on me. I usually let them hang around in my bathroom drawer for a few months and then, when I do a thorough cleaning, just throw the whole lot in the trash. It is upsetting, but how do you know what's going to work until you try it?:shrugs:
  4. give it to my niece
  5. trash it. Honestly, with used beauty products I would be mortified trying to take it back and return it. I don't have any sisters and my Mom's coloring is really different from mine, otherwise I'd give stuff to her if it didn't work on me. My girlfriends and I don't really share beauty products amongst ourselves.
  6. i'm an active member of, where i swap away products that don't work for me and trade them for products i want to try. obviously some things shouldn't be shared (mascara), but it's been a real money-saver. the review portion of the site is enormous, and i always check it before spending money on new beauty products. i can't recommend this site enough :smile:
  7. I let it sit in my makeup bag for months. I can't bring myself to throw away something if I feel I haven't used it enough.
  8. I trash so many products. I have naturally curly hair and I have tried many shampoos, conditioners and gels that promise to make my hair manageable. They all lie. They eventually get trashed. They always sucker me in though.
  9. I :heart: makeupalley! I always review products there before I buy them and if they do not work, I just keep them until mom or my sister take them. If not they get trashed.
  10. I either trash or give to friends - they're very grateful for me spending money on stuff I dont use!
  11. same here :smile:
  12. For stuff like old face moisturizers and such, I just use them for my feet and body (a little much, i know!)...And if I don't like the exfoliating cleanser, I just use if for my neck or decolletage.
  13. I end up letting it sit in the makeup drawer.
    Sigh......more wasted money!!.......

  14. awwww looove the chi in your avatar!!:heart:
  15. I return stuff--especially skincare that either doesn't work or causes a reaction. When it comes to make up, if I've tried it in the store, I usually end up "keeping" my mistake. But if it's something like foundation that's been "picked out" for me by a SA, I'll take it back for the correct color.