Question Balenciaga Experts


Nov 4, 2007
I just ordered The Balenciaga Black City, but after reading about problems with black fading Im scared. Anyone have prob w/recent purchases?
What is the difference between this and the one coming out in 2008?



Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
Hi - There's another thread going about black and fading right now. There's some variation, but as evidenced by the love everyone has for the black City, it's not at all a universal problem. You may want to read through that thread for specific experiences:

In terms of the difference between 07 and 08, the style, size, etc. won't be any different. People consider the leather from some years to have different characteristics than other years -- for example, lots of people like 2005 leather as being very thick and soft, 2006 to be thinner and drier, 2007 to be nice again, etc. -- but there's always lots of variation from bag to bag. It's too early for people to characterize the 2008 leather yet, since the bags haven't been widely released and fondled, though there have been a few advance pictures, etc.

I have a 2006 black Purse style that I love, and it's one of my thickest, softest, most favorite bags. I don't consider it to have faded at all, or certainly not to an unpleasant tone at all. I do see some pewter-ish tones in it, but that's more a matter of lighting from certain types of overhead lights vs. other lighting conditions.