Question: Baby Coco Cabas or Modern Chain Tote

  1. If I would like to get a large everyday causal bag, should i get a baby coco cabas or modern chain tote? Which one is more comfortable to carry and lighter in weight?

    Thanks a lot! :smile::smile:
  2. I vote for a Modern Chain Tote! :biggrin:
  3. Hehe~Im getting both, so Im no help......:sweatdrop:
  4. I love my baby cabas so I vote for it.
  5. :heart: Baby cabas
  6. Baby Cabas!!!!
  7. I like the MC better...
  8. I like MC just because it's bigger and you can dump all ur stuff inside. Baby Cabas is nice too!!..

    I'll vote for MC.
  9. MC looks heavy so I vote for the cabas.
  10. handsdown for is so chic....
  11. i was thinking of getting the MC but ended up with the baby cabas. i vote for baby cabas :yes:
  12. I like MC.
  13. Does the Modern Chain tote too heavy to carry? This is my concern as I like to use it daily.
  14. MC! :tup: if ur not carrying a lot of things in your bag, then MC won't be as heavy as it appears. i have it and adore it. the leather is softer too.
  15. Hi. I bought the MC tote a couple of weeks ago and i can say that it is not the lightest bag i own!!! After carrying it for a while it starts to hurt my shoulder a little bit. I don't care and I love it to death but if you want a light bag i think the cabas is better, hope this helps...