Question: Are there such things as Fake Juicy Couture?

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  1. I was looking at some Juicy couture hoodies on Ebay. Some of them are very low price!:weird: However they don't quite look like the ones I got from Nordstrom. So I wonder are there such thing as fake Juicy coutures???:wacko:
  2. i would have to say yes... its quite sad aye?! i bought a JC suit and it didnt fit me so i gave it to my friend as a gift... she totally loves it, but its a really good fake....
  3. Oh bummer:Push:
  4. Theres fake everything !! almost all brand names are copied these days !
  5. OH YEAH! And they ugly! The colors are hideous and they are just poorly made all around. yuk!
  6. Geeze....OOOKIE it's harder to tell on Ebay especially clothings which you don't really expect them to be fake cloths!!!
  7. If you want real Juicy on ebay, these are great sellers who only sell authentic:

  8. Yes, definitely. I've seen all kinds of fake Juicy...
  9. Cool Thanks Killerlife!:lol:
  10. sure. these two also seem to be good.
    i have reason to believe they might even be the same person:

  11. Yes. Juicy is constantly knocked off, it's a pretty popular brand... I'm sure there is even fake abercrombie, hollister, polo.. whatever. Always beware, if something doesn't look right- chances are it's not. :smile:
  12. I guess there are... I know so many people don't like Juicy but I love throwing a hoodie on or some pants just on the go!
  13. It's ashame people are so dishonest and fake everything.
  14. Abercrobie, hollister too? :blink: Damn what the heck that is crazy!
  15. I was surfing on and i saw fake LV suede on ioffer already! Can you believe it??