Question? anyone use appleguard on Vernis handles?

  1. I don't believe this has been asked before so...if it has I apologize in advance:p

    I want to check with all of you before I try spraying my Vernis Amarante Brentwood handles. I am not sure how the protector will do w/ the vernis part.

    Any suggestions or comments? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you as always my friends:heart:
  2. I'd be afraid to get spray on the vernis, though I've never done it.

    The removable straps would be easy to spray...maybe you could make some kind of covering to protect the vernis while you spray the rest of the vachetta?
  3. I'd be really afraid to, it might do something to the Vernis material. If you're dead set on spraying them, be sure to cover the Vernis areas VERY well and leave them covered until the spray is completley dry. Also though, don't the handles come off (since they're adjustable on both sides?) I'd try spraying those separately first then cover the bag well and spray the parts on the bag.
  4. Ok... I just did mine (Thompson st., Houston, Bedford) which the normal procedure..

    I sprayed all with Applegard, then I found some spary on the varnis part, so I just wiped it off (with the soft cloth). That's it. :smile:

    Everything looks great.. after the handles are dried..there's no mark, stains or any kinds on the vernis part. ;)
  5. ^^^ Thanks...I think I am still unsure if I should try it...:confused1:. My issue is that I plan to use the bag in the fall so it will need something. I will give it a go!

    Thanks all who responded!
  6. I sprayed my vernis reade Handles only) , .. once done I wiped the vernis off with a damp cloth.. the bag is fine.
  7. ^^^ Thanks! I need to get off the computer and go outside to do this, but it is 110 degrees here:sweatdrop:..UGH!
  8. I sprayed the leather inside my koala wallet. Same as others, just wiped off the outside with a damp cloth. No problems at all.