Question!anyone Seen This Bag?

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  1. ITs called the large perforated hobo on CHANEL.COM.I dont know price either(u would think they would post it!LOL!) black....not even sure if its out yet??
    STYLE#A37579 Y04411 C0229
    Im liking it and feelin the urge for a new chanel as I just bought 3 LV bags this month and feelin a tad unfaithful to my CHANEL collection..ROFL!
    If u have seen it..tell me where and what u thought of it IRL...price too?THANKS A BUNCH GALS!!!I know one of u will have info!!HEHE!
  2. I think it's part of the baseball spirit ligne I think, came in an expandable version.
  3. Ive seen the expandable version D,BUT NOT this one...not sure who carries it actually!its cute in pics.....
  4. The Chanel boutique usually, IME at least carries what is on the web site.
  5. I saw one yesterday in navy color with red trim on the zipper. I think the retail price is around $3,150. PM me if you need my SA info.
  6. ^WOW..over 3000?eek!
    Im trying to decide what my next Chanel will be..hehe

    My most recent purchases are the pink glazed medium and pink glazed Jumbo and the washed caviar black accordian bag.....

    Im also loving the black glazed jumbo,the orange glazed jumbo and im not sure what i like more!HEHE
  7. You should get the orange glazed jumbo. That bag is awesome! :yes:
  8. Jill, that is fromthe baseball spirit collection. that bag retails for 2875 or similar. NM just had it in this week.
  9. ^Thanks so much..Im headed to NM tomorrow!!!!Ill look there!
  10. any pictures???
  11. YESSSSSS !!!!! I love when you get a fix for a bag lol!!!! Good luck tomorrow....Clean 'em out girlfriend!! We're totally behind you!!!
  12. Can't to see what you come home with!:drool:
  13. :popcorn:
  14. Go girl! Tell us how it looks like IRL^
  15. Jill, I could so see you with this in RED!