Question and Advice Please!!

  1. :heart: okay I have two bag in my mind now! But, I can only have one at this point cuz I bought too many bag this month! My question is do u guys think the white reissue will be available in the future (will Chanel keep making it??) and what about the Cotton Club tote in black (I heard its going to be continued because its not a permanent line) ...PLEASE GIVE ME SOME EXPERT OPINION!! WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET AT THIS POINT!!!
    thanks everyone~~~~~~~~~~:heart:
  2. I have heard both that the Cotton Club is permament, and that it is going to be discontinued. I am not sure which one is correct. As far as the reissue, I am not sure how long the white will be available. The only color I know you cannot get anymore is the grey.

    This is really a hard decision. I personally would buy the re-issue, but that is just because I like the bag better.
  3. Michele~~I dont know I have the cotton club in silver!! But, I realli want a black one too!! And, I also love the reissue in white!! If I do get a reissue!! Which size do u recommend me?? Since I'm a petite size! Do u think 226 or 227 is better??
  4. It's such a hard decision when you have to decide between two bags.

    I have the 226, and really like the size. I personally think the 227 is a little too big for me (I am 5'6). The downfall is that I cannot fit alot in the bag. If you like to carry alot of stuff, I would maybe go for the 227 (try it on first), but if your okay with just carrying a wallet, cell phone, keys, and maybe one little item, I would go with the 226.
  5. Get the white reissue since you already have a CC tote.
  6. AHHHHHH.....So hard to decide!! I love both!!