question and a turn to the dark side

  1. so i'm new to balenciaga: i've always loved LV more. however, an old friend of mine from the old LVLU boards was selling a rouille work and i got suckered in by that beautiful color and the promise of really really soft leather. i'm (im)patiently waiting for her to come and i cannot WAIT to wear her!

    however, as i've been perusing the bbag subforum, i've seen a lot of references to achtung. who or what is achtung? from what i can gather, it was something like what vuitton watcher was to LV?

    any enlightenment would be welcome! :smile:
  2. Achtung is like LV Shopping guide ( a reference to ongoing eBay auction).

    Unfortunately, its no more.
  3. welcome to the united forum of bbag addicts (tm)! i'm a relative newbie, but the people here are wonderful.

    achtung was a subforum that can closed recently. search "no more shopping forum" and you'll get more info.
  4. Hey Gen !! Yup Achtung was another subforum where auctions were posted. You can still look in the "Authenticate This" B thread for stuff too:smile: