Question/Advise please: Wallet for men.

  1. Hello fellows,

    I recently became interested in LV and I would like to make my first purchase: a wallet.

    However, I really don't know what is best for me. So I am here to ask all you connoisseurs for advice.

    At first, I wanted something practical, something that looks cool/stylish that can hold cards, bills and coin: the M61665 seemed like a good option (Monogram Canvas Wallet with Coin Pocket). Like this one: [​IMG]
    (btw, does anyone know why this model disappeared from eluxury?)

    But then i realised that there are only three slots for cards... (and obviously that's not enough), so i was thinking of getting a Key and Change Holder along with a Billfold with 10 Credit Card Slots

    But then again, is it too girly for a man, to have a change holder??

    Or should I opt for a larger wallet with more compartments like the Zipped Wallet with ID Paper Holder
    but this one the price is higher than my other options...

    my goodness! just thinking of LV makes me so happy.... but i don't know what to decide....

    So people, please gimme your two cents on this subject... what kind of wallet should i buy? Are my options valid at all? Do you have other suggestions for me?

    PS: do u put everything in ur wallet? like your ID's, health insurance cards, driver's license, social insurance cards, etc.? Or do you have another thing for that?

    anyways, thank you all :yes:
  2. i'd say get the 10 card bilfold wallet and a brown Epi key & change holder. it's not so "matchy" and i definitely think a coin pouch isn't girly at all. i have one in black Epi and i use it everyday. the Zipped wallet is definitely not unisex. any wallet with a button thingy (sorry i don't know what it's called) is definitely for women in my opinion.
  3. Hi there,

    What I like most on men is the "Porte Valeurs Organizer" for $305 USD. It is a classic piece with plenty of room for credit cards and bills. It does not have a change purse, but the men I know who carry it, use it for their everyday cards (credit, debit, ID, etc...) and bills and then their change just goes in their pocket. Also, I think that in the Damier, it is a little more masculine (as opposed to the Monogram Canvas)

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your first Louis!

    Link on eLuxury:
    p10504763_ph_hero.jpg p10504763_ph_detail_01.jpg
  4. thank you deluxeduck for the fast reply (and omg i just went on ur msn space and ur collection is really awesome!!!!!!!! quite impressive)

    yes, i agree with the button thingy.. the only reason i considered it was because it was in the men's collectin on the website. but i like your advice on getting the 10 card and the brown epi change holder!!

    actually i was surfing a minute ago and i found another wallet that seems quite interesting: the Portefeuille Florin Damier Wallet.

    it does have quite a few compartiments for cards and it has a coin pocket! do you think they have it in monogram though? and also, do you prefer damier or monogram?
  5. thank you louislover for your advise. Actually my best friend has it, and it really is nice!!! but i can't have the same thing as him LOL.....................
  6. If he has the same one, just get it in whatever material he DOESN'T have... If he has Damier, get Monogram... If he has Monogram, get Damier!

    If you love the style, don't not get it because he has it - no one cares about that anymore!
  7. I'll say, get the Billfold with 10 credit card slots because I don't like bulky wallet and this one has a clean look.
  8. the Florin is the newest model they released. and i think it's an even better option. i agree with LouisLover - Damier wallets are a bit more masculine than Monogram. i have the long Porte Valeurs Organizer in black Taiga leather for about 5 years now. and it's still looking good.
  9. the Florin wallet is huge though :yes:. i asked the 866 about it, and i think it's something like 5" x 4". i wanted to get that for my boyfriend, but he said it's too big for a wallet.

    the Florin also comes in Taiga leather, which i think is the best line for men:tender:. it's so durable and the leather is exquisite