question abt upcoming collection..MINI LIN

  1. i was wondering how many colours will b available for the speedy? does anybody know?thx!
  2. good question?
  3. i only ever saw the new Mini Lin bags in one colour from the preview catalogue. and it's ebony, which is like a golden brown Monogram on dark brown background.
  4. I agree with fact someone posted seeing the material IRl and it is a dark brown (almost with purple undertones) and then the lighter brown monograms.
  5. ok...and wat's the price?? and anyone post the pics plsssss
  6. there are a couple of new women's shoes in the Mini Lin fabric out now. my SA showed them to me just to give me an idea. he's trying to sell me the Saumur model (to be on the waitlist), but i wasn't interested.
  7. There was another thread about Mini Lin... I think someone said the price would be about 10% more than regular mono canvas line. If you run a search, you'll be able to read more about the Mini Lin!
  8. As far as I know, it only comes in this one colour for now. I find it to be a very similar fabric they used in the previous men's collection.
    Here's a pic of the Speedy:
  9. is this going to be a replacement line for the mini monogram line ?
  10. Yep :yes:
  11. thank you.