Question abt the new timeless flap

  1. Hey girls
    can anyone tell me if the bag comes in any other color then black????
  2. Are you talking about this one? (Accordion style, washed caviar $2575.) If so, it also comes in the color below (beige), black, and white. (The beige is lighter than the beige in the PST, Medallion).


  3. yup thats the one. Thanks! i was hoping for red:sad:
  4. YW! Aww, sorry 'bout the red.

    It would be HOT in red!! :tup: Love red!
  5. gah I'd love this in red! I'd be all over that! But until then, I'll love my black :smile:
  6. It comes in a coral color too thru NM i beleive
  7. omg coral! that sounds divine. Jill do u have pics
  8. bump i hope jill can answer my question:smile:
  9. What's retail for this one?
  10. its $2575
  11. I saw this today in Dark Brown with S/H.
  12. OMG ditto, Jill have you seen it yourself or anyone for that matter? I NEEEEED a coral bag and am on the fence on the lg coral walk of fame. the accordian flap would be perfect in coral caviar! Anyone??
  13. I would love to see it - it sounds lovely!
  14. It also comes in "orange' (rust/brick color) at Nordstrom. The color is amazing and I really liked the bag but returned it this morning because the inside is a basic cream canvas (very cheap) and the sides of the bag were actually lighter then the middle portion of the bag. Extremely disappointed after carefully looking at it.
  15. That is extremely disappointing... especially for the amount of $$ you paid.