Question about zipper pulls for RM bags

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  1. Does anyone know if small Juicy Couture charms can be used as zipper pulls on RM bags?

    I bought a Rebecca Minkoff Rapture and the zipper on the inside pocket looks like there's a leather tab missing (which I know that's not the case because I've read where some of you have mentioned it.) :smile:
    I hate the way it looks bare, so I thought since the bag was a wine color that I'd put a *cherry* juicy couture charm on it and use that as a pull. I don't want to order the charm from ebay until I know for sure if it'll work though.

    Can someone help me out?!?:biggrin:
  2. I don't have the Rapture, so I don't know exactly what you are talking about, but here is a pic of the Juicy Candy Heart going through the zipper pull of my matinee.

    Are you saying there is no metal pull like the one pictured? If that is the case, I guess I'm not very helpful. Maybe some one with a Rapture can help more.
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    Omgoodness, how cute is that?!?

    Here's a link to the pics of the bag I bought. See the little leather tabs on the front where they connect to the zipper pulls? It's just like that on the inside pocket but there's no leather piece, just the metal thing. After seeing yours though, I'm all but certain it will work. It just looks so blah without something. Even if no one else can see it, (because it's inside) I still know it's naked. haha!
  4. THat bag is lovely. I put all my juicy charms on bag zipper pulls, and it looks to me like the cherry would work. Good luck, I've always liked the cherry. And I know what you mean about it bothering you, even though it's on the inside. I'm like that too.:biggrin:
  5. Thank you so much for your help! Until now, I'd never thought about using the charms as pulls but yours looks so cute I may have to start collecting charms now instead of purses!! lolol