Question about YSL Roady

  1. Dear all YSL lovers...
    I am thinking about getting a everyday black bag..

    BV Veneta or belly bag is always my #1 choice..but i just never made the move. During this memorial weekend, I walked into a girl wearing a black YSL roady which looks stunning on her. It is a plain black leather roady with antique look hardware. Can any of you tell me some pro and con about the Roady bag? Will the handle hurt your shoulder at all? the weight of the bag? Is there any different type of leather I need to pay attention on when I buy it? I am hopping to get the soft buttery material bag that will turn out nice after wear....

    Thanks for all your input.
  2. I am in love with roady, forever. I have red bubbly leather which is stunning. Strap stays nicely on the shoulder and looks so much more elegant than common leather straps. However, it is black hole in which everything you have is mixed up and I can never find anything. Also, it is so large, yet it looks the best when it is almost empty, just few things in it, which is a strange feeling , having a large bag to tote all you need and looks like a sac. I still love it to death, and will never part with it. I use purse organizer in it.
  3. Hi,
    I have the black Roady with stingray with silver hardware. I really love the leather wich is not lamb but made of goatskin. (not every Roady is made of the same material) It shines because it has been polished. The handle is not comfortable and because it is a big bag it is a bit heavy although I don't put many things in it.
    But, I really really love the Roady, it is a beautiful bag, black goes with everything and I got used to the handle and the weight.
  4. Have 2 Roady's, a Prune patent and the brushed black leather with gold ostrich stripe. It's a great bag, simple yet classy, a bag that work for many occasions. My patent is a workhorse bag, can go through rain, travel, etc. and the patent just looks better with age.
  5. I have a patent mauve Roady. It's true that it is a black hole but what I do, I put my stuff (wallet, cosmetic pouch, sunnies + case, etc) inside a small white dust bag then put the dust bag inside the roady. That way my things are "contained". I put my phone in the phone pocket.

    I love the simple, clean, classic lines of the Roady. It truly is a great bag.
  6. I have a navy roady and plan on purchasing a red one. That I want to purchase it in another color says a lot about the bag. It is my go to bag and i love using it. I like its understated elegance. No logos, almost nothing on the bag that will tell you it is designer, yet its elegance speaks for itself.

    Many say that the rolled handle is uncomfortable, but i say that you'll get used to it. I also use a purse organizer so i have no worries about groping for my stuff inside the bag. Overall, it is a great bag that you can use everyday, with anything.

  7. Well said, makes me want one more.......:graucho:
  8. I am considering a roady for an upcoming purchase, but am worried that it will be too casual,slouchy for a work appropriate bag. How do would it look with suits. I do love the bag. I like large bags.
  9. Depends on what kind of work it is. If you need to put an i-pad or paperwork in it, then this bag is indeed to casual and not structured enough.
  10. it is so hard for me to decide, the Roady could be bag for all needs and so many destinations. However I have been looking at YSL watchdog.... I am just not sure of the online retailer and have not found this YSL bag elsewhere, and I have looked all over. Perhaps it is from another season. I am all over the place this time around on a purchase.
  11. I do think it is too casual with suits. With pant separates it works better, but the Roady definitely has a casual vibe. Hoboes in general don't work too well with suits.
  12. I had a black Roady and thought the design and styling were terrific. I found the strap to be uncomfortable--it dug into my shoulder. Because it is so substantial I found it hard to imagine using it during the summer with flirty dresses and shorthand tanks. It's just too substantial of a bag. It is an abyss but it didn't bother me.

    I had black goatskin and it wasn't jet black-- it almost seemed deep deep grey. The skin had some texture but was fairly unforgiving. I bought a patent one too. The patent just didn't work as well stye wise. A Crest (pebbled) Roady like Vesna's is divine but I'd worry about the weight.

    That said, it is a beauty and, while it ultimately didn't work for me, a very understandable 'must have.'
  13. I agree about hobos and suits, my 'watchdog' word was written as 'satchel'... And corrected by auto.. Roady is on my list of nexts, it I need to find a source of variety to choose from, in my ha d. Too hard to buy on line.