Question about your birkin and/or JPG...

  1. :yes: hello. i'm suzie and i do not own a hermes... yet..... however,
    i am trying to decide on a hermes- and i would like to ask you all a question/opinion.

    When you use your birkin/jpg--- does your stuff just slide all over the place inside? i noticed that it is quite a big rectangle space inside and wonder how this works out for you.

    i have 1 wallet (koala mc lv), 1 small make up bag (med pouchette mc lv), 1 coin purse (mc lv), and 1 other small bag (mc lv wapity) and my blackberry, that i always carry and switch from one bag to another. (i included the name of the pieces, cuz it think most of you would know them and have a better idea about size).:smile:

    and do you keep the bags open or closed? i am so confused.... how do you use these bags???:s daily, or just special occassions?

  2. Hello suzie and welcome!!! I don't own a Birkin or JPG yet. But all I can add, is that the JPG is longer and bigger than the regular Birkins and more of a shoulder bag. If you are seeking an everday size - a 30cm or 35cm would be ideal. Good luck!
  3. I opted for a JPG as my first Hermes/Birkin because it suits me and my lifestyle at the moment. I use it as my daily bag and usually it's open. I carry many things with me and find that there is no room for them to slide because the bag is almost always packed.:lol: Here is what it looks like today:
  4. Hi Suzie! No issues with sliding around too much in my 35cms, but I use a purse organizer in a 35cm Birkin which works great. I use a large size Chameleon--see second thread below--post #24 or a medium sized Bagmate. Both are great. The Chameleon fits everything (great when you switch bags often) and the Bagmate I use to put smaller/less often used items in and leave the wallet and makeup bag separate. I use the 35cm on a daily basis with the flap open and straps hanging.

    Here are some useful threads w/pix of how members use the organizers:
  5. Suzie - I use the large purseket for my 35cms. It keeps everything organized and not sliding around. Orchids pointed you to some great threads; read them and pick the organizer of choice after you get your bag.

    I too use my 35cm on a daily basis with the flap open and the straps loosely attached.
  6. Suzy, I don't use a purseket with my 35cm and my stuff does not slide around. And I carry very little. :smile:
  7. oh thanks so much for your replys. thanks irene for your picture! wow you carry alot! doesn't it get heavy? and i love your jpg!!!! :love: :love: :love:

    i like the purseket idea... (great another purchase...):upsidedown:

    and pelinaka- thanks for the welcome to hermes!:yes:
  8. Hi there. I don't use an organizer, though it is on my "to buy" list. I don't really have a problem with things flopping around. I feel that because the Birkin is always standing on its feet, things stay pretty much where you put them. I usually carry mine open but with the straps tightened and on the lock with flap inside.

    I hope you find your ideal bag soon!
  9. hello gazoo! (flinstones?) thanks for the wish! im really leaning over to the JPG!!!
  10. YES FLINSTONES! You are the first person to ever mention it! I LOVE THAT SHOW!

    Welcome to the Forum. You will love your Hermes bag, whichever you choose.
  11. ^^I knew your nick sounded familiar!!! I remember watching the Flintstones everyday as a kid. I loved Schmoo!!! I think he was introduced later in the show?? Sorry for being OT! Lol!
  12. Hey suziew.

    I have a bleu jean and I keep my wallet, keys and candies/pens in a soft zippered pouch. In another square pouch I carry small pads of paper, misc stuff, and since I live in Seattle my Birkin raincoat.
    I keep it spotless clean 'cause I don't like anything getting dirty or have weird stains, gum bits, chocolate flecks, lipstick gloss stains.

    I keep the flaps open cause its easier to get into (sometimes it takes me 2 minutes to open it up if its closed)
  13. thanks again gazoo!

    elizabethk- thanks for your thoughts. one day---- i can try this all by myself with my own hermes---- one day----:shame:
  14. Suzie W: I have the JPG and I'm really in love with it now. Buy a organizer at for your Birkin or JPG. Kathy, the owner can even customize it a bit to fit your bag. I shorten the height of my organizer to beter fit my JPG. You will love the JPG b/c you can carry over the shoulder. If you are petite, you may be able to also carry the Birkin over the shoulder too but it will be tight (especially if you wear a jacket or sweater. Good luck!
  15. Hello Suzie. I have a Birkin 35cm for me I keep the bag open all the time I only closet in lock it if I don't need. Everthing in my bag flys around all the time, I have some books, phone, keys and more.
    You maybe wondering why I'm carry a birkin if I'm a man lol I think everyone needs a it bag.