Question about Yoogi's Closet vs. AFF

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  1. Hi, ladies. I'm going to be consigning a Gucci python Lady Lock handle bag (new) and having been pleased with Yoogi's in the past, sent them the info for a quote. I felt the quote was a little low. I've been reading that people have had good luck consigning to Anne's Fabulous Finds, but after reading the consignment agreement, it appears that they don't really give you a quote, which makes me a bit nervous. If you've consigned a pricy bag with them, were you happy with the selling price they assigned to your bag? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  2. AFF doesn't give you a standard quote like other consignors but if you email them pictures of your bag and ask for a quote they can give you an estimate. Their return is the best I've seen among internet consignment shops so it's worth asking.
  3. Thank you, that's helpful info! You're one of several people on here who's commented that their pricing on consignment is the best around the web. I'll send pics to them tomorrow.
  4. … not related to OP's question BUT I just stumbled on AnnsFabulousFinds sale !!! It ends tomorrow. :loveeyes:
  5. No problem! Here's hoping you get a favorable quote! :smile:
  6. Just got a great quote from Ann (followed your suggestion of emailing pics) and it was significantly better than Yoogi. Thank you very much for the tip!