Question about Yard Sales

  1. Hi everyone-

    My friend talked me into having a yard sale with her this weekend. I'm a little ignorant when it comes to yard sales - I've never had one and I've never been to one. I've been going though my house and putting everything that I haven't used in the past year into the sell pile and have actually come up with a lot of stuff to sell....but I have no idea how to price these items. There will be a lot of books (paperback and hardcover), clothes - some new with tags and some used but all in good condition, shoes - used but good condition, DVDs, handbags (non-designer), some furniture, etc.

    Can anyone give me some advice about pricing. Obviously I don't expect to get retail price back for anything - but I also cringe at selling $100 barely used shoes for $5. If anyone has any experience or wisdom to share I would really appreciate it.

  2. At yard sales things are usually priced to go....I mean you don't want to take the trouble of pricing everything and then have it all sitting there at the end of the day.

    Usually books are a dollar for a hardback and 50 cents for paperback..except for the really new nice ones..clothes depending on how nice they are (and what size they are) are anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of retail. But things are usually pretty cheap or else it's all sitting there at the end.

    Also, you could have slightly higher prices in the morn then switch to half price after noon.
  3. I never had one but I have gone to some. Many people do bargain at yard sales so always price up! Also, when someone buys alot of stuff, its normally a discount. Good luck!
  4. Please tell me how it goes - In my neighborhood people do it all the time - to me it seems like an awful lot of effort for a $50 payoff...I think that people who go to yard sales are expecting DEALS - meaning if you have a $100 pair of shoes you should try to sell them here first. ;)
  5. Thank you both for the advice. I will price higher in the morning and if nothing is going will reduce the prices. I know I'll end up selling for less than I'd like to but I really shouldn't have all this stuff hanging around if it is not being used. Plus it will give me some $$ towards the B-bag I am saving for!
  6. Thanks Loganz- I'll let you now how it turns out. My friend has a lot of stuff she wants to get rid of because she is moving and doesn't really care how much it sells for - she would be happy if she made an extra $50-100...

    I might've gotten a little sell-happy when I was going through my house so tomorrow night when I get around to pricing I might change my mind about some of these items....and I will think of the PF. I was debating putting some of the stuff on eBay but honestly can't be bothered with the whole eBay thing right now...
  7. We do one big yard sale a year and make between $400-600 each time depending on how much you have. We purge alot of stuff. We dont keep things if we dont use them. So things go good. I have been to yard sales were they have 1 table with three things on it and expect to do good!
    Yard sales are great if you look at it as a chance to really unclutter your home. We all have crap we dont use and one mans crap is anothers yard sale find!
    I also go to yard sales ALL the time. If I told you guys some of the stuff I have bought you would die. My most recent find was a perfect full length Raccoon appraised at $3200 (had it appraised) in my size for $50!!

    I love yard sales.
  8. Wow Selena, that's awesome. What other finds have you found? <g>

    I was at my friends house at the Cape two summers ago and for some reason my boyfreind and i got totally obsessed with the Cape Cod estate sales and yard sales. For several weekends we got up at the crack of dawn, fueled ourselves with coffee from Dunkin Donuts and set off to different estate sales and yard sales circled in the newspaper. We even had a yard sale song we sang. ("We're going to a yaaaaaaard SALE" yes it was geeky but fun) It was seriously competetive there with huge lines at 5 am. Of course, there it was all about antiques. It was fun. Yard sales are not nearly as much of a pastime out here on the west coast, i've noticed. But I'd love to hear about your finds, Selena
  9. I love doing it! Our family actually goes out every Saturday. My kids have become very good at it. They even find stuff and sell them on ebay for a profit to buy the things they want at retail!
    Lets see what other finds:

    These are my VERY BEST:

    Perfect Tarkay Lithograph ($1200 retail) bought for $1.00 But I spent $400 framing it! LOL

    Vintage Fendi Bags $10 each

    Gosh I cant even list how many things. Its amazing the deals you can get!

  10. Wow Selena - you are my yard sale inspiration! I'm going to check the newspaper to see if there are any yard sales on Sunday - maybe I might find something good. Although I should be saving whatever money I make on Sat instead :smile:
  11. WOW Selena - you have great yard sales in your area. :nuts:
  12. If anyone is interested in another Selena Find just yesterday:
    Tiffany Arrow and Heart toggle silver bracelet....50cents! HEE HEEEE
    I posted this on another thread. But wanted to post here as well!
  13. My BF is a Garage sale fanatic - he doesn' t need money, he needs bargains - My advice is "don't sell anything at a garage sale you aren't prepared to give away" - then whatever you get you get and the item is gone - you can accumulate some small money but watch for those who like to take stuff without paying at all. I have learned to dislike them although I know once in a while someone gets a great bargain.
  14. I think some of you enjoy my Yard Sale finds...and they keep you motivated to keep looking. Todays find of the day ::::::drumroll:::::::

    Christian Dior Silk Scarf...perfect condition 75 cents.

    Can you say new bag scarf??

  15. I had a yard sale about 2 weeks ago and I had all my stuff priced to go. I had to make sure my hubby was no where to be found. He about died when he found out I sold furniture (sofa & loveseat) for $100. But I wanted it gone. I have stopped by a few garage sales where its clear the seller wants retail and their stuff does not move.