question about worn bags

  1. I always read about us ladies trying to keep our new bags looking perfect. Does anyone here mind using their bags day-in and day-out come what may? I think a big part of the beauty of a bag is the look leather bags get with some wear and tear. I like a bag to look somewhat worn. I wonder if I should take better care of mine. No never mind, I couldn't stand the stress. Anyway, when it's worn out it's time for a new one!!! Does anyone agree?
  2. I'm with you!

    My bags are all leather, and I only have a few of the higher end bags (and those bought below full retail). I figure by the time I've bought them at some discounted price, take them home (whereby they immediately depreciate 50%) and use them a few times (more depreciation), I just don't have enough invested in them to justify any stress over scuffs or scratches (which, if the leather has been tanned and died well, only adds to their character).
  3. I think that there is a difference between using something to death, and using it so that it looks worn. I saw a lady with a purse the other day. What may have been a winter white when she purchased it, was a grey colour now. It was all mishapen, etc etc. It looked awful. I think there is a difference between having a worn, but taken care of handbag, and the flap of leather she called a purse! This is my first post, but just from reading the other threads, it seems that the ladies here love purses, and would take care of them.

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  4. ...needless to say, my bags will never make the WTS board! :biggrin:
  5. Wear that adds "Character" and abuse / filth are two entirely different things IMO.
  6. well for me, I always TRY to use my bags to get them a used look, because I like that look on others. But then when I look at my bags I do have problems treating them a little more careless.