Question about Womens Sizes!!!???

  1. Hello ladies I am a man and was wondering if a jacket size 10 in females would fit a guy who wears small? would it be too big too small or jus right?
    you'r feed back is greatlly apreciated...:yes:
  2. anyone? :shrugs: :crybaby:
  3. It would depend on the dimensions of the jacket, and the dimensions of the small man.

    Because there is no standardization in women's clothing, it would be possible to buy ten jackets in size 10 and find yourself with a very wide range of actual sizes!

    So instead of even looking at the number the manufacturer puts in a garment, a better way to shop for someone else is to measure something that fits them, then look for a jacket that has those measurements!
  4. Hard to say. If its fitted then - no. If its more of a boxy jacket then - probably. Also depends on your shoulders. Can you try it on or if its mail order, return it?
  5. yeah, it would depend, do you have a pic?

    my BF's a medium and I'm an 8-10, and my jackets would be too small on him, so they would probably fit a small pretty well.
  6. ^ that's what I was going for Im more concerned that it would be too big since im pretty small framed...

    thanx guys...