Question About Wisteria Spy

  1. Hello Guys...I have two questions:

    Where do you think I can find a White Wisteria Spy? I love that bag but I cannot find it anywhere.

    What is the difference between these two Spy Bags...which one is the Wisteria and which one is not...I'm confused:

  2. I'm no expert at this but I think both are suede wisteria spies...:p
  3. Those two bags on overstock are both the velvet/fur wisteria spy. I am not sure why they are different prices, but it's the same bag unless they put up the wrong photo for one of them.

    I do not think the white wisteria is in production right now--I think it was SS 06. One popped up on sale on the Neiman's website, but that was months ago (meaning, it was probably a return). I think your best bet would be to call the Fendi boutiques and ask them if they have one and if they could send it to you.
  4. thats the same question I posted on deals n steals..I was wondering if it was the same bag. Thanks! Are you going to get it Fiorucci?
  5. my guess on the different prices is they sourced them from 2 different places and paid 2 different prices.