Question About Winter Colors

  1. I am going to New York in January and I was wondering what are good colors to take to New York in the winter to make your outfit "pop". I will be wearing my black MaxMara Fur Coat. I was thinking this Prada Bag:

    Any Other Suggestions?? Thanks!!
  2. is the cout long? if it is a white belt would look nice with it. if its short you could stick on a really glitzy piece of jewellery. bag wise, dont take anything too heavy or too big.
  3. Is your coat black, or some other color? What type of fur is it? If it is black and in rabbit, I'd agree with cherry pie that a white belt would look very cool. I like the color of the Prada bag, but I'm not sure that patent would be the best. Patent leather is typically a spring/summer textile, but you can do as you want. I think that lighter colors would be a nice touch, like light shades of blue or green. Vibrant reds would deffinatly make it "pop" but you would want to do them in minimal amounts. Along with the above suggestions, Scarves are nice, practical ideas. Maybe in long-haired fur like chinchilla or fox? Or, I thought that it would be interesting to use a silk or chiffon scarf. The contrast in textures would have a nice effect.

    Hope this helped and have fun planning your trip!
  4. My coat is black and it is made of Alpaca. Thanks for all of the help!!
  5. Frankly, as a Manhattanite from the Upper East Side, I don't like things to "pop". I stick to basic black because our lives are very hectic. You can go from the gym, to work, to business dinners, to the theater/opera all in one day. Our clothes need to make a smooth transition from all these different venues so we stick to clothes that are basic colors. Black, grey, camel, and white. Sometimes I'll throw a dash of color from a scarf.