Question about white stitching...

  1. I am doing "research" for my next purchase...thinking about a gold or bj birkin... A bit nervous about the white stitching...does it stay white? Is "extra care" needed? TIA! :flowers:

    Also wondering, is H-Anon dead? LOL...
  2. OMG I never even gave the grubby-ing up factor a thought!

    I'm not the best person in the world for maintaining things. And I really want a gold Birkin w/ white stitching too.

    I think H-Anon is temporarily dead. The run-up to Christmas is a sort of counter Lent. LOL. And there are so many Scorpios out there. So trangress while you can. I think Dominatrix Teddy is currently in hibernation.....
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You girls just crack me up!!! LOL!

    My hubby must be thinking he has a mad who laughs in front of the computer most of the time!
  4. SoCal, I have 5 bags with white contrast stitching - from what I see, the only part where the stitches doesn't stay pristine white is the handle. The rest of the bag is fine - stitches are still clean & white. "extra care" I can think of is to be careful not to spill colored drinks like coffee or soda on your bag - that I think would stain or ruin the white stitches on the bag.

    I think with bags it's relatively easy to maintain the white contrast stitching. With a Bearn wallet, it's more difficult & unavoidable since a wallet is handled by hand so much more. But still, that doesn't stop me from getting a Bearn with white stitching, too pretty to resist! :p
  5. "You never actually own a Hermès bag, you merely look after it for the next generation . . ."

    That seems oh so very true!!! (thanks Gigi)
  6. I haven't had any problems or noticed any change in color so far. Mine doesn't have stitching on the handle though but I could see where touching it all the time could make it a little grubby.

    I'm still on the H Anon wagon...clutching at the side trying not to fall off!!! :lol:
  7. I haven't noticed anything on mine but I don't use it that much.
    If you are worried about the handle, you could wrap a twilly around it the way Rose did hers. It's so pretty.
  8. hum... I'm very careful w/ my bags I must say, and I don't see any discoloring of the whitestitching on my Gold birkin. I think if you can just be reasonablly careful w/ the bag, it should be just fine w/ the white stitching.
  9. Thanks, all! :flowers:

    I don't like to have to baby my bags and yet I am a bit OCD about denim/dye transfer, "dirty" stitching, etc....after my slight white stitching paranoia (and before review of your feedback) I convinced myself that it would be okay if I had two black birkins if that was my fate in life... Now again looking forward to the possibility of color... LOL, but still not opposed to two black birkins...
  10. Forgot to mention D.Teddy...yes, this Scorpio and CW (Christmas Whore according to my I have manipulated my way into a gift or two in the past) is looking forward to her next investment... CB, my new goal is to refrain from going "overboard"...