Question about White Multicolor Speedy 30--Please Help!

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  1. Hello there! I am new to the LV forum but have been an fan for years. I own only a couple of bags/wallets and need your help regarding some info about the white multicolor speedy. I was looking into getting one secondhand since they are impossible to find in stores and I just need to know something regarding the leather "looping tassel" (I am sorry I don't know what it is called and can't think of what else to call it). Was this always on all the speedys since they were made or only on the newer ones with the old ones sold without it. I have seen some pics of ones on ebay and the surely look authentic with reputable sellers selling them but they don't have the looping tag. While other ones also look authetic but don't have that looping tag. Please help! Thanks!!!
  2. Hello there and welcome to the LV side! :smile:

    I believe you are referring to the key clochette. I have a MC Speedy which I bought this year and yes it has one. But as these can be removed... It could be possible that the sellers have lost them? Wait for a more experienced TPFer to get back to you about earlier models though! You can still purchase the clochette seperately I believe. Be sure to have any bag authenticated here first!
  3. Hi, I bought my MC speedy 30 Dec. 2006 and it did come with a Clochette.
  4. Yes, the MC Speedy comes with a key cloche, but I have seen several without them. Some get lost because they are removed, because the Seller didn't like having it hanging off of the bag. Good Luck!
  5. The reason they come with the clochette is because they hold the keys inside if you were to ever lock your speedy. Again, a new bag would always come with one, but these may be lost over time as they dont really serve a purpose to most people.