Question about white GST.....

  1. I am interested in purchasing either a beige or white GST. I keep on going back and forth with which one I want!! I like the white because I can get it with silver hardware...but I have a feeling that the beige will be easier to wear. What do you ladies think?? Does the white seem too seasonal?? Will the beige/gold be easier to wear??
  2. I think you should go for beige... I don't really see the white GST as a year-round bag. You're in Chicago as well so maybe you'll see what you mean about people dressing so seasonally here... it's harder to get away with a white bag in the winter with those heavy coats than it is in California where I used to live!

    I have a beige GST and love it. It's a great color for both summer and winter. I really think beige is the perfect year-round neutral.
  3. That is what I thought about the white....that I would only be able to wear it in July or August!! Dressing seasonally in Chicago? Too funny! What I have seen worn on the coldest days! It's so surprising how little fashion sense people have in the city! I guess Chicago is in the midwest.........anywho....about the's the gold hardware that is throwing me off. The hardware is so huge! I will have to go investigate the bag again....I keep on going back to NMs not being able to make up my mind and I feel that the SAs are starting to think that I am quite screwy!!
  4. i agree with IntlSet. white is too spring/summer for me. beige can be used all year round. i've seen the white in person and found it's just too white (i mean, maybe off-white is softer).. :smile:
  5. Oh Sappho! You should visit me in California if you want to see bad fashion sense! I have lived in both Northern and Southern California. I think Chicago women are very fashionable in comparison to the average Californian who runs around in what I now see as hyper-casual clothes: people just wear more clothes here (due to the awful weather!) and you don't see a million 40 year old women running around in sweats that say JUICY across the butt! It's just more conservative. Not to bash California because goodness knows there's a lot of fashionable women there as well! Just a different fashion culture I guess.

    But yes, on the coldest days, I admit I completely lose all fashion sense and bundle up in North Face!
  6. i definitely think that tan would be better. from what I hear, white may be a slight hassle to take care of sometimes w/ the occassional color transfer and what-not.
  7. Sappho, I think I would start with the beige. I have it in the beige and I know I could wear it year round.

    I have tried on the white IRL and it's so gorgeous. It's on my list, but I do think it's more of a seasonal bag. JMO

    You can't go wrong with either but you'll probably get more wear out of the beige.
  8. I have white and wear it year round. I personally don't like gold hardware. I vote white!
  9. Hey, I am in Calif and I totally agree! God people, going to a steakhouse on a Saturday night in shorts and flip flops is gross!! Seriously, the sweats dragging on the ground with dirty flip flops and wife beater and a fake Speedy, enough already!!:yucky:

    But get the beige GST!!
  10. beige it is! it looks beautiful with gold hw. i am deciding btwn a beige or black with gold hw.
  11. I like the beige. I saw a beige GST with gold hw yesterday at the NM in Newport Beach, CA. It was lovely. :love:
  12. as a matter of fact..all GST colour is g/h..white/silver or beige/gold...

    Choose something u feel comfortable or u think u can match with yr clothes (all year round)
  13. I love the white..I just bought one of the last ones in stock a couple of weeks ago. I'm in California also ;)
    100_6967.JPG 100_6970.JPG 100_6971.JPG
  14. The white looks fabulous on you! Why can't the beige come with silver hardware!! That would make the decision so much easier! :crybaby:
  15. I love the beige and the black. I am looking for one as well. NM SA said its impossible to find any.:confused1: . I thought it was a classic. I ordered the diamond stitch in white , so I want either the black or beige. If I didnt order DS I would have chosen the white.