Question about white expandable flap...

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  1. I found a small white expandable flap that I am interested in. I am not sure what year it's from. The numbers on the bag are 11545104. The listing says the bag is white but the pics look more cream-colored. I did a search and found lots of info on expandables but I still can't figure out the colors - some look white and others look cream. Can anyone tell me if the small flaps bag were more of a cream color than white??? Thanks!
  2. The expandable flap was 2007 and available into 2008 so the serial number beginning 11 would be correct.

    I only have black, so I cannot comment on the colour, but hopefully somebody who owns one can help you :smile:
  3. I have an expandable tote in brown and black, but I do recalled the "white" looked more of a creamy hue color than bright white.
  4. I have the expandable flap in ivory. Its not a stark white, it def a cream color. Love it!
  5. i have one in white also but its actually not white its kinnda ivory or off white creamy color =) hope that helps
  6. Thanks! You have all been very helpful!
  7. I know which one you are talking about and its the same color as this...

  8. ^ ooh its lovely in that colour :biggrin: