question about whiskey

  1. I heard that color scratches easily...Or is it with any of that leather?
  2. The vintage leather scratches easily - doesn't matter what color.
  3. I think the scrathes show up easier on whiskey. My black legacy shoulder barely shows scratches.
  4. darn, the whiskey is such a gorgeous color!
  5. Its a great color, I have it in the Ali, the only thing is its very heavy.
  6. I was browsing eBay and the Ali is gorgeous!! :biggrin: I had the wristlet in whiskey for a while and thought it was too heavy so I returned it....I wonder if there's a bag that iSN'T too heavy....hmmmmm
  7. Unfortunately, the whiskey does scratch, but I don't think it's a problem; its part of the character of the bag. I have the whiskey ali, and you're right, she is a heavy one at times. It's just such a gorgeous bag that it's worth it!:graucho:
  8. ^^ Toally agree!

    I have a whiskey wristlet I use everyday and the color has darkened quite a lot. It used to show scratches easily, but now since the color has changed, scratches don't show anymore.

    My Ali bag... yes, she's heavy, but I still love her!