Question about when they say "lambskin"?

  1. I'm a big animal lover, and I even find it hypocritical about myself that I wear leather at all. It's like 2 halves of myself are battling and the fashionista side keeps coming out on top, lol.

    That being said, I absolutely cannot bring myself to buy a bag labeled "calfskin". No thanks, wearing dead baby animals is most certainly not my thing (although I'm not criticizing those who do).

    Now lambskin is where I get confused.....I know that when I eat Indian, when it says lamb, it actually just means sheep. So when Kooba say lambskin, are we talking adult sheep or babies?

    Go ahead, laugh, I know I am. This just seriously weighs on my mind. Of course I have repeatedly tried to contact Kooba and have never recieved a response. I hate their customer service! :cursing:
  2. See what I'm saying? I've had a bunch of views but no answers. I wish I knew how to find this out.
  3. I'm no expert, but hubbie says when it says lamb, it means like a young sheep (he says under a year). Older sheep, the meat is tough.

    I'm thinking "lambskin" is probably what they do with the skins..sorry, I'm not much help. But that makes sense.
  4. I would say err on the side of caution and skip anything labled lambskin if it upsets you. Lamb is lamb....they're all cute and little and, well, if it's a handbag...dead.

    My daughter is totally against red meat. Won't eat it, will NOT wear leather or suede period. Sigh....where did I go wrong?? I feel that it is my sole mission in life to keep the suede industry in business and so far I'm doing OK! ;)

    That said, I totally respect her decision not to wear leather or suede. She'll wear the faux stuff....the suede being the "nicer" looking of the two, but I respect her for not compromising her beliefs.

    I just think if maybe you have doubts, you would probably be really creeped out by a lambskin bag regardless of the age of the critter that went into making it. OK, now I just grossed myself out. Great. :yucky:
  5. It's a totally individual conviction, isn't it? I don't really have an an ethical problem with a eating a steak or wearing a leather or suede bag. But I understand many do, and I respect that.

    We have used animals for clothing and meat since Adam & Eve. The Indians used all parts of the animals for clothing, shelter, food, no waste.

    But nowadays, there are so many different choices for food and clothing, we don't need to look at animals as necessary for our survival.
  6. 'Tis true Rosenpetals. But I fear if we stir this pot we may single-handedly bring down the entire fashion industry! ;)

    I for one do not want that on my conscience, so like you I say it's all a matter of personal preference. For Providencechick it's lambskin, for me it's fur....everyone has their line in the sand.
  7. Providence chick....just a thought, but if you are going to a Indian restaurant where the menu says 'lamb' but they are giving you mutton (sheep), you are being conned!
    My ada is 'Lambskin' so that probably means your Jillian is too.
    However my Lena just says 'Italian Leather' on the tag, and its alot firmer than my other Koobas, which were all lamb skin.
  8. The lambskin bags I have seem much softer and delicate than just Italian leather or Cowhide bags. I do believe what you are getting is Lamb...a baby sheep. But me being an animal lover I couldn't look into the big brown eyes of a cow and then say "I have to kill you because i want a bag". Adult or Baby animal...same to me

    It's strange with me as I grew up in a Greek family. But as we all got older my Mom stopped making Lamb after hearing about the mistreatment of these animals. If you are getting Sheep, then you are eating an older animal and then it is actually mutton.

    Where I sort of close my eyes to the whole matter is, the animals being killed everyday for meat, are going to produce the leather we use in bags. I rationalize it as the animal is already killed so why not use the leather too. Do you think the production of Lambs are primarily for meat and food or Leather. That would be interesting to know.
    I know I am totally hypocritical when I say that I would be a Vegetarian if I had to kill the food myself. I couldn't even kill a chicken. I might be able to eat fish. But certainly if I had to kill the animal to make my bag, I would be bagless and happy. BUT...since it has already been killed I'll reap the benefits. Isn't that awful.

    My BF went to China to adopt her 2 daughters. They had free time and they went to the open marketplaces. She saw kittens in a cage at one market and thought "OH Look, they want to get them adopted". Then her husband informed her they were being sold for food. She was outraged and wanted to try to smuggle them out of the country. If someone would dare touch my 3 poodles and 7 kitties with food or leather in mind I would kill them first. I don't know how I can say it is alright to kill a lamb or cow for my bag.

    And do I feel guilty because I love the smell of leather a little too much (A dead animal)???? Yes, I do. Thanks PChick....I might need a Vera Bradley purse now. I always did want to get one for my Mom. We should give some of our purse money to material/canvas bags.
  9. I once read a bumber sticker that said:

    'If we weren't suppose to eat meat, why did they make it taste so good?'

    My personal preference is to use God's creatures to their fullest extent, within reason. I eat meat, love great leather and also have a kitty and a doggie that I love.

    We all must justify our decisions and live by our personal ethics.
  10. You want to know what my problem with it is? I understand that animals are meant for us to eat, but I don't believe the intent was for us to raise them in factory farms, in tiny littly cages, never seeing the light of day or feeling grass under their feet. There are so many people in this world and it is more "cost effective" to do it this way, but IMO extremely cruel. I'm not meaning to go off on a tangent.

    For example, I don't eat red meat EXCEPT when I buy it from local farms, which there are plenty of around here. I don't feel bad about eating it when I know the animal had a normal life, does that make sense? Anyway, the factory farming industry would not be profitable without the leather industry and couldn't survive, so it really isn't just about not letting the skin go to waste.

    Well, I love my Jillian, but I guess I'm going to have to stick to the regular "made from italian leather" bags from now on. :sad: Thanks for the help!
  11. "And do I feel guilty because I love the smell of leather a little too much (A dead animal)???? Yes, I do."

    Me too Lexie! It creeps me out when I think about it, but I just love the smell.
  12. I WILL not buy goat skin. I love goats, I'd love a baby pygamy goat, so cute. A lot of new handbags are saying goat skin and it sickens me.:crybaby:
  13. The only advice I can give anyone in life decisions such as these is to follow your gut-your conscience.

    If it makes you feel bad, don't do it.

    But remember to not judge people who aren't in the same place you'll be ok & they'll get where they're supposed to be eventually! :yes:
  14. I used to work for a leather store (mostly coats and jackets), and anything made from either lamb or sheep hide was called lambskin. Characteristically, while it matters somewhat how it is finished, lambskin is softer and often slightly rippled in comparison to cowhide. It is also more delicate, regardless of finish.

    I don't know if there is any regulation about calling the hide lambskin vs sheepskin/hide, but I've NEVER seen anything labeled sheepskin (unless it was shearling) and I know those hides are used just as often. There may be no way of ever knowing for sure, and even Kooba may not be able to identify which bags came from adult animals vs juvenile animals.

    I am vegetarian for health reasons, but I have no problems purchasing leather handbags and shoes.
  15. Oh I definitely don't judge people who aren't in the same place as me when it comes to leather. That's why I think I specified that earlier in the thread. :smile:

    Although of course there are certain things I have strong opinions about that I DO have a tendancy to judge, this is most certainly not one of them.

    Now people who just don't bother getting their pets spayed or neutered....that's another story all together lol~~