Question about what to buy!

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  1. Should I buy a red lambskin reissue (it's a great price on fashionphile) or wait 2 months and spend double and get a new red classic flap??
    In my collection I have a jumbo beige caviar with ghw, a black calfskin reissue with ghw, a Rose Clair python flap, and a black stingray bindi tote. What would you do?!? I want a red Chanel. Please help!!!
  2. I personally would not buy a red Chanel without first seeing it in real life!! There are soooo many different shades of red made by Chanel. There is red, red,....tomato red...dark red....raspberry with an orange with a blue undertone...etc. etc.
  3. I agree. There are so many shades of red and if you are as picky as me with finding the perfect shade of Chanel red, I would make sure you like the shade first.
  4. Ditto plus Fashionphile is so overpriced, I'd not buy from there. Their photos also can be misleading as to the color. Red you need to see in person or else be quite familiar with how that red looks to buy it online.
  5. Thanks for the input! I have 7 days to return. Def agree! Red is so hard ! I am not going to settle. Anybody have experience with lamb skin reissue?!?! How well does it. "age"?